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“I call on the muses to be with me, inspire me and guide me”

By: Johnny Hawke ACTION

N’ gah Auttissokae was to only to be said in the winter moons for our Anishinabe Peoples. Winter is a time when we gathered around our lodge fires and passed on sacred stories and the history of our people. By saying N’gah Auttissokae one was participating in an action that involving calling upon the spirit of the stories the muses, the inspiration.

So allow me to share some things that are sacred and invoke the muses, the inspiration. Ahow N’gah Auttissokae. Like in the good old days recently I have been inside spending my time, learning the language with my dad, researching, developing proposals and blogging and sharing my points of view which a minimal few have taken too personally.

I have been working on the organizing part of our “Warrior Movement” work which involves a lot or writing, decolonizing, healing and getting inspired for when the snow melts.

“Baybeemahsahsii” The Spirit of Whirlwind

In one of our sacred stories we talk of the spirit of the whirlwind, “Baybemahsawsee” who teaches us the balance of life and not to take ourselves too seriously. In this time of reviving our Culture, Spirituality and Decolonizing it seems some of us take ourselves too seriously in which I like to poke fun at and help remind myself and others who may need it, through my talents of song, voice and writing. Sometimes truth hurts but it can heal as well if we remind ourselves about the balance of things and humble ourselves to laugh at our shortcomings and take it as a learning opportunity.

“True power is natural. A blizzard is true natural power, a tornado and a hurricane and an earthquake. These things of natural power that come from earth are powers that man cannot control. The federal government does not want us to recognize that as people we carry this natural power within us.” – Anna Mae Pictou Aquash, Mic Mac Women Warrior

As the snow falls from the sky along with many dead birds in this January month of this New Year of 2011 I watch things fall into place which comes back to our peoples Prophecies. Many people are wondering why many various species are turning up dead and many our beginning their paranoia of the end of times.

They should be scared and start preparing for this change that is about to occur. Like this season of snow it is like the people who are in charge of the world right now. The snow we think as pure and clean but if we think of the other side it brings a period of sacrifice, death to all things. Us Indigenous Peoples of the World have been in this season of death for many centuries, we have been sacrificed.

Now it is time for the Nation of People in charge and their lifestyle of capitalism to sacrifice, this is the change that is occurring. Our Seven Fire prophecies tell us of all the things that has happen up to now and as we enter the Eight and final fire of an everlasting fire we have the choice to where we want to go, a Fire of Destruction continuing on this current path or a time to reawakening and rebirth and picking up the things we left in the past to enter an eternal fire of peace and everlasting spiritual grace.

We are coming to a time when the Indigenous People of the Globe rise up and teach our younger brothers who have destroyed the Earth how to live once again. This is also in the teachings of the Mayan Calendar. The Birds and other species is just an acknowledgment of what is to come. The question is what road are you going to walk down? Are you willing to stand up and fight for the Earth or allow our younger brothers to take us down the path of destruction?

Are you going to continue to consume, live in your cities? And let the destruction continue? As I sit here learning moderation and endurance for what I need for what is coming and for what I need to be doing to get ready for the fight I am learning the spirit of the whirlwind, Balance.

So there are two sides to what is going on that the spirit of whirlwind “tornado” teaches us. These prophecies, dead birds, oil spills, earthquakes, environmental disasters, man made and natural along with the economic recession has two sides and we have the key to decide where we should go.

We can be fearful of what is to come or embrace in happiness to the end of Capitalism and our suffering from its effects. Can you live without your Technology, MacDonalds, Cars, Cities, Take Out and Money?

Are your ready to Fight for the Earth or are you ready to fall from the Sky?

Chi Miigwetch to the Muses and the Spirit of Whirlwind in helping me find my balance.

All My Relations, Johnny Hawk Kai Kai Kons

This Hawk, This Bird has not fallen from the Sky.

Being Comfortable with my Identity because I know who I am

By Johnny Hawke ACTION

(Warning: These are just opinions that’s all, We are all free to speak, think and feel. If you don’t like what is on the TV take some ACTION and turn it off!!)

Recently I finished up my Anger Management course in my community and the facilitator asked us to ask ourselves the question, who am I? He said people do not know who they are and it takes most people a lifetime to find out who they are. “I bet you guys in here don’t even know who you are” he said.

This Anger Management and the Facilitator is offered within our Communities Health Centre and like the many other Healing Lodges and Treatment Centres within the “Aboriginal Industry” it prides itself with holistic healing and utilizing our culture to benefit our sick people. However sends them back into a Colonized Community where the main issues of Colonialism is what needs the healing not the individual because the individual will keep coming back for more healing.

I found this Anger Management Class very “mainstream” and Christian in what was being taught and only contradicted our Anishinabe Teachings. So here I am being asked to ask myself who I am which I found to be insulting in how the facilitator was intending and directing his psychology upon our people. Here we have an Aboriginal  from outside of our community living in an mainstream setting teaching other Aboriginals mainstream ways of thinking. Sound Familiar?

Its easy to throw together a workshop and preach and walk away with a pay cheque while the real issues are not being healed  what is sad is when workshops are being sold as  “Aboriginal Healing”

Being brought up with Anishinabe values from my parents I know very well who I am. From birth I was given a name and I am in a Clan which helps to define my duties to my Nation which was the main reason for me coming to be in this class in the first place.  I am just your “Stereotypical Angry Pissed of Indian” in need of Healing

I was in this class to make it look good in White mans court. I was charged for Public Disturbance for voicing up against a Social Worker who I feel was in Breach of Confidentiality, Bias and Coercion.

These illegally imposed foreign laws affect our communities greatly along with Social Worker’s who are not impartial in their behavior and who help send our people to Correctional Facilities which causes more problems then it tries to fix. Which is another topic in itself but relates all to what is going on in our communities and this situation here.

In my community this certain Social Worker has been manipulating her  Professional role as a Social Worker along with her accreditation of belonging to a certain Anishinabe Spiritual Society as clout so she can use her personal bias against members within our community. Calling the cops and incarcerating our peoples on fabricated or minor allegations.

This behavior is hypocritical as she preaches on the Restorative Justice Talking Circle Movement. Sadly the cops listen to her and not the other side of the story because of her Professional and Spiritual Positions.  She is now being investigated by her employer, the First Nation Band Council for her behavior as a significant amount of complaints by community members  have been made against her.

This is how I come to be in this class for speaking up causing a Public Disturbance charged under Foreign Canadian Law

Who am I? I am Little Loud Hawk of the Loon Clan of the Anishinabe Ojibway Nation I am a Sovereign Anishinabe not an INAC Indian. I am to speak and speak loud just like that bird. I carry my Great Great Great Grandfathers name he also got into trouble for speaking up and rising the people up out of oppression. I am from the Loon Clan a Clan that nurtures the rising up of Hereditary Chiefs and the gifts of Diplomacy and Voice. I know who I am and I am not going to walk around all my life trying to find that out.

This mentality in these kind of classes are being used to help heal our people however the psychology is far from our teachings and only serves to help keep us colonized. (In my opinion)

This is not the first time I was asked within my community to think who I am. Many in my community ask me if I am a mixed up Indian because I wear my hair in a Mohawk cut with a growing braid in the back and because I fly the “Mohawk” Warrior Flag and go to Blockades. They say that only Mohawks are Warriors and block roads. They say us Ojibways don’t do those things..

My own People tell me that I am mixed up and at the local coffee shop whispers are over heard. “Johnny thinks he is a Mohawk, look at him.”

Well sorry to disappoint those people but the hair I wear was common amongst Anishinabe, Haudenosaunee, and Wendat Warriors around our Great Lakes area throughout the eras. It signifies a Warrior who is currently going out to battle. Many do not realize that we are still in a war and if ever we needed warriors it is in these turbulent times. Just because Guns are not pointing at us doesn’t mean we are still not being killed or made prisoners of war in their jails. Our lands, earth and rights are being destroyed and dishonored so I attend Blockades, Occupations and Public Disturbances in not only just Mohawk communities but in other Indigenous Communities as well as in my own to help the people who need warriors to stand up to fulfill our responsibilities as Anishinabe.

I fly the Unity Flag commonly referred to as Mohawk Warrior Flag because I know the teachings behind it. Louis Hall who was a Mohawk designed it to unite all Indigenous Peoples on Turtle Island. So I know very well who I am.

G8 World Leaders and their Countries oppress and exploit Indigenous Peoples and their Resources. They Gathered in the heart of our Territory 2010 and our People threw them a Powwow

This past summer the G8 G20 was held within our Territories where our Chiefs do not have a seat and were not allowed to participate in the talks. These meetings affect us greatly and our resources were most likely being talked about. I organized some actions but due to two deaths in my community those Actions were of no importance as being close to our families was at the time.

G8 G20 Gravenhurst 2010: Honoring the World Leaders. Good Enough to Powwow but not to Talk Business

Many of our people however put on the feathers and sang and danced to honor the G8 G20 World Leaders and gave them the full authentic Indigenous Experience, a Powwow. This was reminiscent of the 2010 Olympics held on illegally occupied Indigenous Territories where the beauty of our Culture was at the forefront and our issues were surpassed by the big show off of our Culture.

Maybe these World Leaders would’ve benefited from an Authentic Aboriginal Anger Management Class or blocking their Transportation to showcase our third world living conditions on their way to Toronto distributing  some authentic mercury poisoned water instead of maple syrup or stayed in a asbestos contaminated Resort or sit behind bars to get the full Aboriginal Experience or better yet if we want to showcase our dance at an event like the G8/G20 gatherings or Olympics maybe we can showcase the Ghost Dance, Wovoka style.

Olympics 2010 BC: The Beauty of Indigenous Cultures are forefront during World Events masking the real Issues which need more attention

Countless times “accredited Spiritualists” belittle our own people who are discovering their spirituality.  The powwow circuit and beauty of our culture is masking the real issues when we step on to the Worlds Stage.

My own People ask me and tell me that I am a “Mixed-Up Indian”

I know who I am and who I “ain’t” and I am not the one who is  “mixed up”.

If Oppressive Colonial Governments and their Laws want to lock me up for Speaking Truth and Speaking Up be prepared for one hell of a Fight.

The difference from being on the Red Road, Powwow Trail or Warpath is when your on the Warpath your feathers don’t come of when the weekend is over and when the TV camera’s leave – Johnny Hawke Kai Kai Kons

Kai Kai Kons Little Loud Hawk

By: Kahentinetha Horn MNN. October 10, 2010. During the French and Indian Wars in the 1750s, the invaders came up against the Mohawk “Keepers of the Eastern Door” who told them to go home. In order to occupy land the legal occupants had to be killed off. The colonists started a genocide campaign beginning with the Mohawks.

As a story goes, once upon a time in present day New York State, a French troop came across a lone Mohawk Warrior standing on top of a cliff waving at them. The troop commander told three of his men, “Go up and kill him’.

They climbed up. Behind the bushes a big fight broke out. The commander waited. They never returned. Eventually the Mohawk Warrior appeared on top of the mountain and waved to the troops below. Aghast, the commander ordered another 10 soldiers to, “Kill him once and for all”.

They went up. Another noisy fight ensued. None returned. Once again, the Mohawk Warrior stood on top and waved to them with a big smile.

Finally the commander ordered the rest of his troops to go up and “Finish him off”, to return and tell him what happened.

Another huge fight took place with lots of yelling and screaming. This time one badly wounded man came down the hill. “What happened?” asked the commander.

The soldier said, “That Warrior wasn’t alone. He had a Mohawk woman behind him!” and then passed out. The Mohawk Warrior stood at the top of the cliff and waved at them to leave.

Indigenous women continue to be the foundation of our communities. Presently 550 have disappeared without a trace. Canada refuses to investigate, callously calling us “sexual objects” and “street workers”.

Our women are not protected by police, politicians and upper levels of society for a reason. Possibly these girls have too much information on the underbelly of the ruling class and their fascination with abusing children, particularly Indigenous.

It seems the Canada Border Services Agents CBSA and law enforcement want to arrest and criminalize our men who protect our women and children.

Border guards leer at Mohawk girls and our young men. Perverted Border guards are known to put their hands in the pants of the adolescent boys and grab their genitals. Cavity searches are going to become common to intimidate and psychologically subjugate people.

A British military man once remarked: Mohawk men allow themselves to be dragged around by their women, but in no way did it emasculate them. In fact, they became great warriors.

We were the canary in the mine. The behavior that the indigenous people have withstood for centuries is now going to become mainstream for everyone.

Kahentinetha, MNN Mohawk Nation News For more news, books, to donate/legal fund and to sign up for MNN newsletters go to Other articles in category “Border”.

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