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Tuesday June 11, 2012

TORONTO- Two young men from the Anishinabek Community of Beausoleil First Nation located on the southern shores of Georgian Bay near Penetanguishene On, will be handing in their Status Cards at the Ontario Regional Indian Affairs Branch in Toronto today in an attempt to emancipate themselves from the Indian Act.

“Being chained to the Indian Act is not representative of who we are as the Anishinabek Nation. By agreeing to these status cards we are agreeing to accept policies that are in breach of our Nation to Nation Agreements we have with the Crown.” explains Richard Peters one of the Anishinabek Men.

The two Anishinabek Men are also currently reoccupying their people’s Traditional Territories where for the past three months they have established reclamation encampments in Coldwater On and Awenda Provincial Park in opposition of their communities acceptance of the Coldwater Narrows Experiment Settlement Offer which calls for the Abosolute Surrender of their Traditional Territories.

” We are not Indian we are Anishinabek with agreements with the Crown. Through this action we are publicly announcing our emancipation from the Indian Act and reject the representation from any Indian Act governed entities that claim authority over the Sovereignty of the Three Fires Anishinabek Confederacy. We acknowledge that the Indian Act Band Chief and Councils are modern day Indian Agents who are accountable to the Canadian State. This action is not to be mistaken as an extinguishment of our entitlement to the established Treaties. We will be taking future arrangements where treaty entitlements and lands are not to be withheld or governed within this illegal Indian Act Band system.” explains Johnny Hawke.

The pair are reestablishing Anishinabek Clan Governance and Traditional Indigenous Alliances at these camps. They will be rescinding their Indian Status at 1pm at the AANDC Regional Offices 25 St. Clair Avenue East Toronto, Ontario.

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Richard Peters/Johnny Hawke

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