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An Oshkimaadziig Camp has been established on the Coldwater Heritage Museum, in Coldwater On. Oshkimaadziig in the Anishinabek Language refers to the New People of the Seventh Fire Prophecy who will pick up the things left behind to light the 8th and final Fire. 

We are here to educate the world about our Intertribal Agreements as well as the Nation to Nation Agreements we have with the Crown which the Crown has failed to recognize since the inception of these agreements. 

Without Indigenous Consultation Canada continues to impose its laws and policies such as the Indian Act and Specific Land Claims Policy, just to name a few which circumvents the 1764 Niagara Treaty, 24 Nations Belt,  Two Row Wampum, the One Dish One Spoon and Ojibway Friendship Belt which are all based on Peace, Coexistence and Non-interference. 

These so called solutions Canada has for Indigenous People across Canada only serves to single handily and undermine our Sovereignty our Culture and very fabric of our being. 

We are calling out to all the Nations represented in these Belts and other Indigneous and Non-Native Allies to gather here to unite and mobilize to be heard as one voice.

This camp is not intended to cause friction with our friends of Coldwater. It is intended to strengthen the relationships that is reflective of these belts.

This camp is not representative of Indian Act Governed Communities but a collective voice of brothers and sisters that seek to work together.

The Camp is located on 1474 Woodrow Rd., Coldwater, ON , right side of Highway 12.

We are accepting donations of Firewood, Non-perishable Food, Traditional Medicines, Water, Porta-Johns and anything that can help.


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