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From the Beak: Giibwanisi Speaks


A version of this was first posted on Facebook. I have recently quit using Facebook and have deleted my account for my own personal, and political reasons. I will be updating the website with a blog on a more frequent basis.

Still think Canada is a free, democratic country based on peace and friendship with the Indians? Think again.

When land claims are brought out in Canadian court, they don’t pull out the Two Row Wampum, or the 1764 Silver Chain Covenant belt, the produce the Doctrine of Discovery. In case you don’t know what the Doctrine of Discovery is, it a is a Papal Bull written by the pope in the 15th century. It divided the New World in segments where the British, French, Portuguese and Spanish were allowed to plunder, rape and extinguish ‘pagans’ who were not Christian.

The RCMP which was originally the North West Mounted Police, was created by Sir John A Macdonald to police the west. History books will tell you that it was created to protect the Indians from the whiskey traders. But if you know the truth about Sir John A Macdonald, it was done to police the Indians. After the passing of the Indian Act in 1876, the RCMP were allowed to arrest, shoot, kill any Indian violating any section of the Indian Act.

The RCMP is recognized as a department of the British Military, hence the red “mountie” uniforms.

After the World War II, the Geneva Convention was created to ensure peace and that another rising of Hilter would never occur. Certain articles dictated that in times of peace, countries like Canada and the US had to put away the their military personal, and military equipment.

So, what does all this mean in today’s terms?

Canada operates like its in war times. It disregards any UN articles on Genocide, and ignores the Geneva Convention of Peace. It patrols its military around, to police the Indians, and justifies its actions based on the Doctrine of Discovery.

I’m pretty sure that my more scholarly friends can add to this (maybe even refute it). But this is my summation of things that I’ve learned over the last few years.

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