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Morning Coffee Thought: Innerstanding

Thoughts on “innerstanding” (a word i’m learning from Phillip Meshekey)

The foundational concept of family is broken. It has been severed and been smashed to the ground. Our people through no fault of their own, do not “innerstand” this. When we consider family in the English context, and furthermore the colonizers context, our family is limited to our immediate family. Look around you, you are living and breathing with your family all around you, every single waking hour. You walk upon your Mother, you feel the warmth and love from father sky, you bath in Grandmothers water. The Elder family’s sing songs to you, they give us they air we breathe, they sacrifice their bodies so that we can eat, and clothe ourselves.

Our families go beyond that, and they are in the shapes and forms or our neighbors. The colonizer have instilled into us, the concept of divide and conquer. And they win this battle when we fight and squabble over things like Catholic/Protestant, social movements, medicines, colonizers last names, jobs…the list goes on and on and on.

Humble yourselves. The world in which we live, is given to us on loan. We borrow our time here. Treat this time with the sacredness that it deserves. Do you want to have wasted your time on fighting and squabbling for the colonizers tools, and rewards?

Look inside yourself. Grasp this concept of “innerstanding” and you will truly awaken. Walk that Good Red Road our Grandmothers and Grandfathers speak of. Rebuild our families, in a good way. Everyone is your Grandmother, Grandfather, Auntie, Uncle, Brother, Sister, Nice, Nephew or Cousin. You will see me use these terms, and I use these terms often. I listen and I learn from what the Elders have taught me.

Many of us, are so caught up, in this concept of “my way is the right way”. Heck I’ve even thought that crap myself. Everyway is the right way in some regard. I lived the most hellish way one can ever imagine. Was it the right way, or the wrong way? It was the “way” that I needed to learn. Looking back on it, I might consider it the “wrong way” but it was the way that I needed to go, before I innerstood, that it was not leading me to the path of the Good Red Road.

The Purification era has begun. Where is your family at?

Aho miigwetch cuzzin for this new language, that I am beginning to innerstand.

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