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Anarchists and Marxists line up to the left, the path of the Anishinabek has always been right.

*This firs appeared as a facebook note*

So after reading up on, and listening to other folks, I have concluded that both anarchism and marxism (MLM) believe in the same thing.  They both believe in a classless, stateless society.  But politically and ideologically they absolutely can not agree on anything ( I have the facebook comments to prove it).  For the record, although I believe in some of the ideals and philosophies of both anarchism and marxism, I am devoutly Oshkimaadziig Anishinabek…and when I refer to the term Oshkimaadziig, I am not specifically stating the Oshki Camp, but more specifically referring to the “new people” as mentioned in the 7th Fire Prophecy.

I was sitting here minding everyone else’s business on Facebook (because that is what it used for) when I had a thought about a certain scenario with a sweat lodge, used as the theme to illustrate something.

In this theme, you have an anarchist neechie, and a communist neechie both needing to do a sweat, because both of their lives depends on it. (Capitalism/colonialism is the extenuating factor that is killing them) But right from the beginning they can’t agree on which wood to choose, where to pick the Grandfather stones from, or even where to draw the water from.  When it comes to offering the tobacco, neither can agree on a prayer…and finally there they are, both having selecting their own, wood, their own, Grandfather rocks, and their own water.  Their spiritual health is deteriorating and they absolutely need to get into this sweat lodge, but they both only want to do things their way.   And neither will enter into the lodge, if it is not done their specific way.

Along comes Grandfather or Grandmother, and scorns the both of them, “Get your acts together, you both need to get along, or the both of you will die.  If you don’t get your act together, I will light the fire myself, and I will go into the lodge and pray by myself, and the two of you can die out here together.” (The Sweat Lodge you see, is metophorically, symbolically and in all reality a very way of survival, not for just the Anishinabek, but perhaps all people in general).

I am curious as to why that thought had come into my head, but I know longer question those things.  The reason that I sharing this on facebook (other than the fact that you can now mind my business), is to point out a very glaring problem in what is deemed the “left” or even the revolutionaries.  Both anarchists and marxists (the good ones anyway) both NEED to have Indigenous struggles in their philosophy and practice, or they get called out on their neo-colonial bull shit (and rightfully so).

I have very good friends of mine that either identify themselves as either one of these ideologies, and some of these peoples have what I call 8th Fire Spirit.  But the difficulty, as noted above, is that they don’t often get along politically or ideologically, and in all actualality are working AGAINST the 8th Fire Prophecy. (Cue the Oshhkmaadziig Anishinabek)

My thinking, when it pertains to me specifically, is that I don’t have to be more anarchist or more Marxist.  Anarchists, and Marxists both NEED to be more Anishinabek.  But Im not talking about just any old or young Anishinabek off the rez or off the street. Some of our teachers, Elders, Healers, are so deeply colonized into mainstream society, that any notion of radical change especially when it pertains to challenging or confronting the colonial regime is deeply terrifying to them.

Perhaps this is why, that the 7th Prophecy foretold of the Oshkimaadziig people emerging out of this fire.  They are called “new people” because many of the old ideas of the past just won’t work any more, (One thing that they will have to maintain however, is the fundamental principles of the 7 Grandmother Teachings and the 13 Grandmother Moon teachings.) The Oshkimaadziig will have to find new and creative ways to move forward or backwards or what ever which way is the best “life” choice. All the while not only building their own nation, but helping rebuild relationships with the Light skins (Europeans), and making new relationships with the other “new commer” nations (those who’ve recently arrived here)

This is a very difficult and monumentous task.  I’ve heard it described by one Elder, as “the most difficult task ever put before any nation of people that walked on two legs.”  Either we will be successful, or we won’t. In any event, there is too much bickering and fighting amongst each other over the politically correct way of doing things.

I say this unapologetically, “Anishinabek Bimaadziwin is not a theory!  It is an actual way of life that has proven that it has worked and it can work again, if it can help be rebuilt.”

I challenge all anarchists and marxists to revisit their theories and philosophies to not be branching out to include Anishinabek peoples into their doctrines, but to actually reshape their own beliefs and ideals to fit into Anishinabek teachings and values.

This might mean that you have the two of you have to sit down, shut up and take direction from us.  Unless of course you think that either of you can run the lodge and ceremonies better than Grandmother or Grandfather in the aforementioned anecdote.

Miigwetch for taking the time to mind some of my business…now i’ll get back to creeping your facebook profiles…looking for things to meme.


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