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WindigoKAANcepts May 25, 2024: Last week “Indian Country” was riled up over Staff of New Mexico's Farmington Highschool that removed a Graduation Cap from a Young Sister because it was beaded and adorned with a Feather to signify her achievements and culture yet this week we’re riled up because an RCMP Indigenous Collective within the RCMP added the “Ribbon Skirt” to the RCMP Uniform to signify Indigenous Officers achievements and culture. Is this Bi-Polar Outrage of Indian Country? Why do we support “our culture” to be permitted on one “colonial” institution's dress over another colonial institutions dress?

If we value so called “education” let’s educate ourselves on the origins of what is behind what we support and what we oppose and use our intelligence intelligently.

The origins of the Graduation Cap or Mortar Board symbolizes the Black Cube aka Saturn, the Cult of Saturn, Saturn Worship which goes back Millennia. Saturn worship and Saturn symbolism is everywhere throughout society.The Cult of Saturn has been behind every psychotic empire throughout history. The Grad Cap symbolizes a Mortar Board in Stone Masonry. The mortarboard holds the wet mortar until the stone setter applied it to the stones with the mason’s trowel. The Grad Cap and Education System as a whole is from FreeMasonry. Free Masonry is taken from a Guild that is part of a larger network of this Cult of Saturn.

The Black Gowns traditionally used in Graduation originate from the Galla The Galla were a Dark Priesthood that originated in the city of Ur around 1,000 BCE. The standard clothing of the Galla beginning in Ur was Black Robes, signifying them as attendants to Ereshkigal, Goddess of the Underworld. They were regarded as the Grim reapers, with the power to steal/consume souls if not placated; and Following Ur, the next headquarters for the celibate Galla was the great temple of Cybele atop Vatican Hill, upon the largest Necropolis of Rome in 200 BCE. The Roman Pontiff, also known as the Pope has always been the high priest of the Galla since 200 BCE. This is the link of why Priests, Jesuits and Judges wear Black Robes.

The Etymology of Education is from latin “educare," which means to train or to mold, and "educere," meaning to lead out. Education therefore is not about the pursuit of wisdom and intelligence but training, molding, directing an obedient member of society to operate the mechanisms of society that keeps those in control in power and exploiting people and the earth. Education rids us of our own Creator gifted intelligence to “lead out” and places other things in so we may be mindless brainwashed productive members of this Cult of Saturn.

Residential Schools were intended to "lead out" or take the "indian" out of the child, to brainwash, to educate and make us productive assimilated members of society. This is what "Education" is.

When we chase our Degree’s, Masters, we are unknowingly becoming a part of a fraternity of control. An example In the Medical Field most will go into student debt that they most likely will never pay back. Rather then helping society those in control and in power are BigPharma and Drug Companies running the Medical Institution, “Medicine Guild”, a racket in which Doctors and Scientists are paid from. Those Degrees and Phd’s are not there to help humanity but to enslave us and keep us under control just like the Police Fraternity, the RCMP.

Hey Indian Country you can’t go around propagating “We must walk with our Moccasins in Two Worlds” and be outraged when this shit happens. We can’t support the left wing and be outraged at the right wing when its all the same Vulture.

What we really need to be angered about is our own backyard. In our own communities are Culture is being used to pacify us. Social Workers, Band Employees and Chief and Council who are accountable to Indian Act Policies and Govt Policies to administer those Polices for Govt funding wear our Culture and give us our culture in programming. Our Culture is being hijacked in our own communities. We are only indigenizing, colonial spaces and institutions, slapping feathers and beads on such things that keep us oppressed in under control.

This Era of Truth and Reconciliation is also pacifying us and keeping our ppl in a state of victim mentality when we should be warrioring up and using our intelligence intelligently. There is much funds for our Ppl and Our “Culture” under this Agenda of Truth and Reconciliation in which we are handing the last remaining things we have over to the colonizer which is our Culture in which Colonial Institutions are giving it back to us. Who Funds Powwows, where does Money for Ceremony come from. Resistance and Decolonization is also becoming hijaked by Social Workers, Govt Social Programming and service Providers.

This week this issue of RCMP Ribbon Skirts hit the mainstream legacy media outlets. The person interviewed to get the Indigenous Response was an “activist” and TikTok Creator. Not one of the Strong Voiced Indigenous Females who’ve had boots on the ground, behind barricades, of the grassroots, on the land, in the trenches for years but a Social Media Star. Social Media Influencers with a huge Fan Base and Following are now Activists.

I guess this is how “walking with our moccasins in two worlds” looks like.

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By Johnny Hawke

Finding Solutions to free ourselves is not that hard as all we need to do is to remind

ourselves of the word Resistance which simply means Non-Cooperation. Although identifying Non-Cooperation as a key aspect to our liberation may be simple it is living a life of Resistance that is harder in which many may not be ready to give up the life that we’ve been made to be so co-dependent on and programmed into. Taking the Red Pill and escaping the Matrix is not for everybody but would be a lot more easier if every slave collectively started to jump the sinking slave ship and swim back to land.    

The Myth of Creating Change within the System

Living a lifestyle of not cooperating starts with the birth certificate and not registering our children and not living life as the artificial legal person. This means not accepting the Birth Certificate and it’s contracts which includes not living in SIN as in the Social Insurance Number. Not receiving any benefits and privileges of citizenship; No licences, permits, financing, land claim settlements, self governance agreements, Indian status cards, acting as an officer, operator of any position created by Statutes. Not using their monetary system which obligates us to their maritime law, statutory laws and courts. How many are ready to actually to be free? After every Ceremony, Powwow and Blockade we return to a way of life we say we’re against. How many are actually ready to live a life of Non-Cooperation? The COVID Pandemic has clearly demonstrated that the masses are not and will believe anything this Roman Cult propagates and enforces on to them. There is only a few of us left and this is who I am speaking and directing my energy to working with. 

Our collective ongoing Indigenous Resistance to Colonialism in these times has been greatly hi-jacked and coopted. The movement of Decolonization needs to Decolonize. Many influencers within our communities propagate that we must “change the system from within” however “the system” that has been put in place has evolved over millennia so that it can’t be changed. The “system” is structured by a mechanism of initiations, oath’s, rituals, hierarchical degree’s, orders, royal families and elite bloodlines to keep such a system in place. When an individual attempts to work from within to make change as a sort of trojan horse it is the individual that “changes” and compromises and ends up becoming a puppet of the system. Even if it appears those within the system are doing great work and creating change they’re still being used in ways that benefit “the system.”  

What is happening today is not Decolonization but only Indigenizing of Colonial Spaces and Institutions; Those within the system are merely employing gestures of tokenism that is placing superficial imagery of “traditionalism”, a Pan-Indian melting pot of culture over colonial systems that continue to oppress and assimilate us. This is what is termed as “inclusion” and “representation.” The colonized are championing those being represented in mainstream culture in which their goal marker for success is marked by those participating and cooperating in industries that shape mainstream culture. This Mainstream “Windigo” Culture however as “Uncle” John Trudell used to say is “Where Spirits get's eaten” and we become consumers and consumed by this Patriarchal Male Dominated Eurocentric Pop Culture of exploitation and excess. This Culture of Babylon has been around for Millenia and is not going to change just because we are “represented” and “included” in the bottom of their bellies.  

What has also happened in our Communities and Movement is that we believed that the next generation of Youth will create change as they are fresh and free of colonization. We also believed all that all we need is also Women in such positions of authority and that they will create the necessary revolutionary change needed. Well guess what? All that has come to fruition and the only thing that has changed in our conditions is the demographic of who is administrating the institutions and policies of colonialism for the colonizer. Jody Wilson Raybould, Mary Simon are Indigenous Women who earned their positions to sit at the helm of Canada as the Attorney General and Governor General. While sitting at the top and on their watch they’ve allowed the Supreme Court of Canada in various cases to make case law decisions that favour Industry over Indigenous Title and Rights, that violate Human Rights and Treaty Rights. At the Assembly of First Nations, Indigenous Political Organizations Youth Councils, the majority of Youth that are supported and championed are those being groomed to be the next generation of NeoColonial Indian Act Politicians.

Idolize Some More

The explosiveness of the short lived Idle No More Movement helped to inspire many to become involved. Idle No More helped give a platform for those who may not have been a seasoned activist and given everyone the ability to participate and become engaged. Idle No More also brought together grassroots to stand side by side with Indian Act Chiefs at many direct actions however such Chiefs began to use the movement’s actions for their own political leverage which ended up hijacking and killing the movement. 

Social Media Tools created a new generation of Resistance which has affected the way we now organize. Idle No More  a Hashtag Movement that started over social media quickly became popular during a time where social media tools was injected upon the global community where everyone and anyone could now become well known instantaneously and given their own soapbox and “followers.” This now gave birth to the “celebrity activist” and inflated ego’s seeking attention and clout chasing where individual’s success int their organizing now is determined on their popularity and social currency on Social Media. Social Media and Idle No More has turned our Grassroots Organizing now into “slacktivism”, an effort where now organizing is based on creating a group over “Fedbook”, making posts complete with a Go Fund Me style of “self sufficiency.” Social Media has also created dopamine addicted junkies posting every minute of the day of where they’re at, who they’re with what they’re thinking where we are being studied and algorithms help predict and program us.

Reconciliation is the Sacrament of Penance

This Era of Truth and Reconciliation we are in is also playing a huge role in coopting our grassroots circles and resistance movement. The Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada has 94 Calls to Action which are policy recommendations for all levels of Government to take action to help sooth the injustices created by the Residential School System. As a result a Tsunami of Funding is being injected into Indigenous Organizations where many opportunities are being created for Indigenous Peoples which is more to sooth that “White Guilt” then to create actual systemic change. This Era of Truth and Reconciliation is creating an Industry of Tokenism where Careers and Opportunists are profiting off of our Misery in which the Grassroots People at the community level do not see any actual benefits to their life as they are mere clients of those who hold the purse strings restricted by organizational policies. The Spirit of Resistance is becoming heavily pacified and coopted due this era of Truth and Reconciliation where a majority of our people are needing to act accordingly to policies in order to get those opportunities of Truth and Reconciliation, creating the “Good Little Indian” which ironically is a continuation of the Spirit of the Residential Schools. Remember Reconciliation is the Sacrament of Penance, where Sin is monetized. The Oppressor is buying their way out of their Sin’s but the people are agreeing to “come back under God”, the rule of the Roman Catholic Church by accepting such Truth’s and Reconciliation Sacraments. Indian Act Leaders, Chief and Council, Indigenous Government Funded Organizations are wearing Ribbon Shirts and Skirts and promoting culture giving the illusion that the institutions they propagate and employ are ours.

The Revolution will be Incorporated

Indigenous Nations engaged in warfare amongst each other but this was not to colonize each other or was to the extent of acts of genocide as waged by European colonists. Since the arrival of Europeans our Peoples have been combating colonialism where each generation since 1492 has had their own experience where this on-going Resistance Movement has taken on many forms reflective of the times. 

The epitome that is the generation of “Millennials” and “Gen Z” reflects “celebrity culture” that it is obsessed with heavily influenced by the entertainment industry and where Social Media has only added to the narcissism and deception where almost everything and everyone is fabricated to deceive. It is no surprise that our Resistance today is an embodiment of this mainstream culture which has also created the “Celebrity Activist.” Our Resistance now includes fan clubs of followers on social media, a cause is marketed and becomes a brand and receives sponsorship from government or non-government organizations and endless campaigns of Go Fund Me dependency. Our Resistance has now created successful activist careers for those who’ve become the face of a cause where such individuals get more support and attention than others because of this engineered popularity generated by social media. The Resistance has now become Big Business and Incorporated. 

A prominent Indigenous Youth Activist’s Career that helps define this generation of activism is Autumn Peltier. Autumn is defined as a world-renowned water-rights advocate and a leading global youth environmental activist by the Canadian Encyclopedia and celebrated and honoured by many Indigenous and Non-Indigenous Communities and Organizations. Autumn is from the Anishinabek community of Wikwemikong First Nation on Manitloulin Island in so called Ontario. She was nurtured by Anishinabek Spiritual Teachings by her Grandfather, Mother and Great Aunt Josephine Mandamin who was in her own right a well known Water Advocate that led a movement to walk in ceremony around all the Great Lakes. Autumn is a young lady with genuine convictions for what she stands for whereas this should not be seen as an attack on her but am only discussing to critique her handlers who have created her persona as a “Brand” in this generation of Consumer Activism where the Resistance has become Incorporated. 

Autumn first entered the Public Arena as an advocate for Water in 2016 at the Age of 12 at a Special Chiefs Meeting of the Assembly of First Nations in Gatineau Quebec. Conference organizers invited her to deliver her message of water protection and the disappointment of oil pipelines and to combat climate change in a short speech she prepared for Prime Minister Trudeau and Chiefs in attendance. She was brought up by the National Chief and an Elder to give a gift to Trudeau and broke down in Tears when she told the Prime Minister she was disappointed in him. This exchange came the week after Trudeau made a series of controversial decisions to reject one west coast pipeline — Enbridge's Northern Gateway project — but to approve two others — Kinder Morgan's Trans Mountain expansion from Alberta to the west coast of B.C., and Enbridge's Line 3 replacement from Alberta to Wisconsin in the U.S. midwest. 

Autumn was not permitted to share her speech due to time. She had a speech that she was invited to share in the first place but it seemed they only had time on the schedule for her to present a gift and for a photo-opt. This child at this event was used by this Chiefs Organization as a Political Prop. At Assembly of First Nations Special Chiefs Meetings they are held in such a way that is not accessible for grassroots people such as activists. You need to be invited or a Chief or a Proxy. The entrance into the Public Arena for Autumn was not organic but fabricated by an Indian Act Chiefs Organization. Such Chiefs are collaborators with Government and are not representatives of true Resistance. After this Event Autumn’s Career as an Activist exploded in which she spoke at the United Nations, the World Economic Forum, Universities, Hollywood, receiving countless awards, and an honorary PHD and walked red carpets and has been featured in many National and International magazines. Her work is tied to a charitable foundation in which she has a Manager for her Activism. 

In 2019 Autumn was named Chief Water Commissioner for the Union of Ontario Indians. In 2022 a group of youth reached out to Autumn through her Manager to inquire if she would attend an event as part of her role as Water Commissioner as as a young Role Model for s First Nation within the Union of Ontario Indians. The youth were organizing a direct action to protect a water source in their Territory. A $10,000 fee for her appearance was informed by her manager.  

“No Humility this is pandering to Celebrity cultism. These causes are drastic and need drastic measures, and not sure how WEF and elitism is running the show. An award everyday for photo ops and saying, save the water. The youth need to tell their real situation, Wiikwemikong has had its own water treatment plant we need updates from the youth in the Indigenous communities most negatively effected like Asttawapiskat, updates, reports, common experience, progress, health impact, all of this need to be convey by the youth. Not necessarily only one person too busy collecting awards. Its like that with Ontario Regional Chief and Union of Ontario Indians, all show and no real progress report. And I know they come back and say, its hard work being a waterwaker activist, NO it isn’t , its hard work hauling water and having to drink polluted water. And getting sick all the time that is difficult.” - Rhodes App, Community Member. 

Again this is not to call-out Autumn herself but to question our Resistance Movement in these times as there are many Indigenous Celebrity type activists out there and are backed by such Organizations in which the collective and other struggles are not getting the same attention and support. Also the Non-Profit Industrial Complex is cashing in on such People and Activism. Our Oppressor sees Resistance as profitable and has infiltrated heavily where Resistance is now Cooperating with the System. Our Culture in our communities is being delivered to us by Indigenous Corporations and First Nations, Tribal Governments, Social Services funded by our Oppressor which pacifies our Resistance.

Windigokaan Strategies

The Contraries, the Windigokaan in Anishinaabek Society would disguise themselves up as the Windigo so that such real Windigo’s stalking a village may see one within the village and pass by because it seen one already there. Nowadays it seems the Windigo now disguises itself up as us in which our people are fooled and we are being consumed by this Dark Spirit. The Windigo is making our Hero’s using them and giving us our Culture. Some of our People have also turned Windigo themselves and are helping to march our people in the bellies for our spirits to be eaten. 

We can never free ourselves by using weapons and being armed as this Roman Cult has even more Weapons that are bigger, more dangerous and more armies and militaries where we are outnumbered. What we can do is outsmart them using our intelligence and that starts with knowing their law and returning to the law of the land. Non Cooperation and rebuilding our own institutions. 

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Introduction: The Law of the Land of Turtle Island

As the Original Peoples of the so called America’s our Constitutions are founded on our ancestral knowledge of our Creation as a People which extends to our Mother’s as Life Givers who connect us to a Territory and a Clan; Our Clan System is our Governing System. This is our Great Law our Common Law. The term “common law” has many connotations and in Black's Law Dictionary; 10th edition, in the third definition of the word it simply states “the general law common to a country as a whole.” Our Common Law also acknowledges the interconnected relationship that governs all life on Earth where we must co-exist with all life. This is our Law of the Land. 

The current man made law that all governments are ruled by is termed as the Law of Water which is also called Maritime Law where “maritime” means “of the Sea.”  This international law governs all ships, shipping and commerce between Nation States and it’s jurisdiction is restricted to the water. Historically this law evolved out of Empire where today’s Roman Catholic Church is a front that governs all nations, courts, banks, contracts, trade and legal persons. This law of water is an extension of the Roman Catholic Church’s Papal Bulls that claim to rule over all land, property and souls. 

How this Law of Water has come to rule over our Law of the Land despite our Treaties with the Crown is through fraud, deception and acts of genocide. It’s not that our leaders walked us to shore, left our canoe to go aboard their ships but it is deception and fraud that took us out of our vessel and placed us on the water from the beginning of our Nation to Nation Relationship. 

The Information in this Publication is not Legal Advice. To give legal advice one has to be a lawyer in which a lawyer  is “one who is authorized and licensed by the private Guilds of the Bar to practice law.” The Private Guilds of the Bar since the middle ages have been using merchant principles to commercialize the law and personally profit from crime. This is what it means to practice law. An attorney means “someone who proves you have given up your rights” and barrister is “someone who represents a dunce”. I do not claim to be doing any of these such things, so by definition I am not giving legal advice.  

The Anishinabek Peoples speak of a dark Cannibal Spirit called the “Windigo” which means “Those in Excess” in the Anishinabek Language. The Windigo is a demonic entity that is always hungry for human flesh and stalk the villages. The Windigo possess the spirit of those who are not strong enough to resist and through them has taken over the body of those it possess and consumes the flesh and spirit of others in the home and village in times of scarcity of food. The Windigo has also come to be the embodiment of the greed of Colonization represented by the Crown. 

This Publication is for Educational purposes of what the Crown, the Vatican and its law is so that our Spirits and Flesh may not be continued to be consumed. The publication is to help understand this Windigo so we may stand strong and return to the Law of the Land in which the Indigenous Peoples of the so called America’s can help Humanity in reclaiming ourselves from these Cannibals.    

Click the link below for the whole document

Doctrine of Deception
Download PDF • 14.14MB

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