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Bi-Polar Outrage

WindigoKAANcepts May 25, 2024: Last week “Indian Country” was riled up over Staff of New Mexico's Farmington Highschool that removed a Graduation Cap from a Young Sister because it was beaded and adorned with a Feather to signify her achievements and culture yet this week we’re riled up because an RCMP Indigenous Collective within the RCMP added the “Ribbon Skirt” to the RCMP Uniform to signify Indigenous Officers achievements and culture. Is this Bi-Polar Outrage of Indian Country? Why do we support “our culture” to be permitted on one “colonial” institution's dress over another colonial institutions dress?

If we value so called “education” let’s educate ourselves on the origins of what is behind what we support and what we oppose and use our intelligence intelligently.

The origins of the Graduation Cap or Mortar Board symbolizes the Black Cube aka Saturn, the Cult of Saturn, Saturn Worship which goes back Millennia. Saturn worship and Saturn symbolism is everywhere throughout society.The Cult of Saturn has been behind every psychotic empire throughout history. The Grad Cap symbolizes a Mortar Board in Stone Masonry. The mortarboard holds the wet mortar until the stone setter applied it to the stones with the mason’s trowel. The Grad Cap and Education System as a whole is from FreeMasonry. Free Masonry is taken from a Guild that is part of a larger network of this Cult of Saturn.

The Black Gowns traditionally used in Graduation originate from the Galla The Galla were a Dark Priesthood that originated in the city of Ur around 1,000 BCE. The standard clothing of the Galla beginning in Ur was Black Robes, signifying them as attendants to Ereshkigal, Goddess of the Underworld. They were regarded as the Grim reapers, with the power to steal/consume souls if not placated; and Following Ur, the next headquarters for the celibate Galla was the great temple of Cybele atop Vatican Hill, upon the largest Necropolis of Rome in 200 BCE. The Roman Pontiff, also known as the Pope has always been the high priest of the Galla since 200 BCE. This is the link of why Priests, Jesuits and Judges wear Black Robes.

The Etymology of Education is from latin “educare," which means to train or to mold, and "educere," meaning to lead out. Education therefore is not about the pursuit of wisdom and intelligence but training, molding, directing an obedient member of society to operate the mechanisms of society that keeps those in control in power and exploiting people and the earth. Education rids us of our own Creator gifted intelligence to “lead out” and places other things in so we may be mindless brainwashed productive members of this Cult of Saturn.

Residential Schools were intended to "lead out" or take the "indian" out of the child, to brainwash, to educate and make us productive assimilated members of society. This is what "Education" is.

When we chase our Degree’s, Masters, we are unknowingly becoming a part of a fraternity of control. An example In the Medical Field most will go into student debt that they most likely will never pay back. Rather then helping society those in control and in power are BigPharma and Drug Companies running the Medical Institution, “Medicine Guild”, a racket in which Doctors and Scientists are paid from. Those Degrees and Phd’s are not there to help humanity but to enslave us and keep us under control just like the Police Fraternity, the RCMP.

Hey Indian Country you can’t go around propagating “We must walk with our Moccasins in Two Worlds” and be outraged when this shit happens. We can’t support the left wing and be outraged at the right wing when its all the same Vulture.

What we really need to be angered about is our own backyard. In our own communities are Culture is being used to pacify us. Social Workers, Band Employees and Chief and Council who are accountable to Indian Act Policies and Govt Policies to administer those Polices for Govt funding wear our Culture and give us our culture in programming. Our Culture is being hijacked in our own communities. We are only indigenizing, colonial spaces and institutions, slapping feathers and beads on such things that keep us oppressed in under control.

This Era of Truth and Reconciliation is also pacifying us and keeping our ppl in a state of victim mentality when we should be warrioring up and using our intelligence intelligently. There is much funds for our Ppl and Our “Culture” under this Agenda of Truth and Reconciliation in which we are handing the last remaining things we have over to the colonizer which is our Culture in which Colonial Institutions are giving it back to us. Who Funds Powwows, where does Money for Ceremony come from. Resistance and Decolonization is also becoming hijaked by Social Workers, Govt Social Programming and service Providers.

This week this issue of RCMP Ribbon Skirts hit the mainstream legacy media outlets. The person interviewed to get the Indigenous Response was an “activist” and TikTok Creator. Not one of the Strong Voiced Indigenous Females who’ve had boots on the ground, behind barricades, of the grassroots, on the land, in the trenches for years but a Social Media Star. Social Media Influencers with a huge Fan Base and Following are now Activists.

I guess this is how “walking with our moccasins in two worlds” looks like.

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