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The Law of Water : The Doctrine of Deception

Introduction: The Law of the Land of Turtle Island

As the Original Peoples of the so called America’s our Constitutions are founded on our ancestral knowledge of our Creation as a People which extends to our Mother’s as Life Givers who connect us to a Territory and a Clan; Our Clan System is our Governing System. This is our Great Law our Common Law. The term “common law” has many connotations and in Black's Law Dictionary; 10th edition, in the third definition of the word it simply states “the general law common to a country as a whole.” Our Common Law also acknowledges the interconnected relationship that governs all life on Earth where we must co-exist with all life. This is our Law of the Land. 

The current man made law that all governments are ruled by is termed as the Law of Water which is also called Maritime Law where “maritime” means “of the Sea.”  This international law governs all ships, shipping and commerce between Nation States and it’s jurisdiction is restricted to the water. Historically this law evolved out of Empire where today’s Roman Catholic Church is a front that governs all nations, courts, banks, contracts, trade and legal persons. This law of water is an extension of the Roman Catholic Church’s Papal Bulls that claim to rule over all land, property and souls. 

How this Law of Water has come to rule over our Law of the Land despite our Treaties with the Crown is through fraud, deception and acts of genocide. It’s not that our leaders walked us to shore, left our canoe to go aboard their ships but it is deception and fraud that took us out of our vessel and placed us on the water from the beginning of our Nation to Nation Relationship. 

The Information in this Publication is not Legal Advice. To give legal advice one has to be a lawyer in which a lawyer  is “one who is authorized and licensed by the private Guilds of the Bar to practice law.” The Private Guilds of the Bar since the middle ages have been using merchant principles to commercialize the law and personally profit from crime. This is what it means to practice law. An attorney means “someone who proves you have given up your rights” and barrister is “someone who represents a dunce”. I do not claim to be doing any of these such things, so by definition I am not giving legal advice.  

The Anishinabek Peoples speak of a dark Cannibal Spirit called the “Windigo” which means “Those in Excess” in the Anishinabek Language. The Windigo is a demonic entity that is always hungry for human flesh and stalk the villages. The Windigo possess the spirit of those who are not strong enough to resist and through them has taken over the body of those it possess and consumes the flesh and spirit of others in the home and village in times of scarcity of food. The Windigo has also come to be the embodiment of the greed of Colonization represented by the Crown. 

This Publication is for Educational purposes of what the Crown, the Vatican and its law is so that our Spirits and Flesh may not be continued to be consumed. The publication is to help understand this Windigo so we may stand strong and return to the Law of the Land in which the Indigenous Peoples of the so called America’s can help Humanity in reclaiming ourselves from these Cannibals.    

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Doctrine of Deception
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