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Five First Nations sign Self Termination Agreement


By Johnny Hawke

Five First Nations that are members of the Union of Ontario Indians have signed what Indigenous Academics and Grassroots Collectives call a 'self termination' agreement with the federal government on April 6 2022.

The Union of Ontario Indians a Political Advocacy Group of 39 First Nations represent's itself as the Anishinabek Nation which is also a registered Ontario Corporation subject to Canada's laws that govern corporate entities. The term 'First Nation' like 'partiation' is a neoliberal term invented by the Federal Government at the end of the 1980's to place over the legal term of 'Indian Band' under its genocidal Indian Act.

Twenty-seven years of negotiations have resulted in 6 of the 39 Indian Act Bands of the Union of Ontario Indians, signing a governance agreement with the federal government.

The first ratification votes for the Anishinabek Nations Governance Agreement (ANGA) got underway in February 2020 with 14 Nations taking part. Although the majority of communities have voted against the agreement; the Union of Ontario Indians and Federal Government can still persuade communities to participate in further ratification processes with questionable thresholds in an attempt to push this through.

Of the five Nations that signed the agreement with Canada on April 6 —Moose Deer Point, Wahnapitae, Nipissing, Magnetawan and Zhiibaahaasing—only Moose Deer Point and Wahnapitae ratified the agreement with a first vote in February 2020.

Neither Nipissing nor Magnetawan met the voter threshold for that first vote, although those who did vote were in favour. The voter threshold is 25 per cent of eligible voters plus one. In February 2021, with no threshold required, a straight majority vote for both Nations ratified the ANGA.

Zhiibaahaasing held its vote mid-November to mid-December 2020 and ratified the ANGA the first time around.

The ANGA gives Bands the right to make their own decisions and laws about leadership selection, citizenship, government operations, as well as how best to protect and promote Anishinaabe language and culture.

Once federal legislation is passed to bring the agreement into effect, the parts of the Indian Act that deal with governance will no longer apply to the signatory First Nations.


The 1867 British North America Act was not ratified by the so called Canadian and was only a Private Bill of the U.K to consolidate the colonies as one dominion and not confederate.

The 1893 Statute Revision Act of the U.K prohibits any heirs of the Monarchy after Queen Victoria to rule or have jurisdictions over the dominions.

1931 U.K Statute of Westminster permitted the dominions to become free independent states in which the U.K Monarchy again absolved itself from its former dominions. This means the Crown relinquished all Crown Lands obtained by Treaties with our Nations. All Crowns lands have been reverted back to Indigneous Territories and monies created from our Territories are currently being stolen and withheld and lands unlawfully occupied without Treaty.

The United Nation's 1960 Declaration on the Granting of Independence to Colonial Countries and Peoples is International Law that abolished colonialism. The U.K Crown has no legal jurisdiction over our Nations our Lands or over the so called Canadian.

The 1982 so called "Patriation" of Canada's Constitution was a sleight of hand an act of fraud. The U.K via Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II had no lawful and legal authority to amend the 1867 BNA Act into the 1982 Constitution Act which is a major international crime; As per the said laws. Canada has no lawful and legal Constitution nor jurisdiction over our Lands or Peoples. Canada is only a corporation; a pirate ship sailing on the sea of admiralty law.

The Union of Ontario Indians or 'Anishinabek Nation Incorporated' is a registered corporation in Ontario governed by Canada's legislation that governs corporations just as Municipalities are. An Indian Band is also a corporate entity as well as is an 'Indian' which has the same legal standing as the Legal Person which are all legally defined as a corporation.

The Indian Act Bands and Union of Ontario Indians (Anishinabek Nation Inc) are not a Nation or the rightful title holders of the Anishinaabek Clan Territories or representatives of Anishinaabek.

These Indians and Indian Act Bands through the Anishinabek Nation Governance Agreement give legitimacy by recognizing the unlawful illegal jurisdiction of the Indian Act, Provinces and Federal Government over our Peoples and Lands.

These Indians on Band Council and Chief Organizations claiming to be the Anishinabek Nation are only agents of the corporation of Canada. These Indians are allowing and permitting great frauds and abuses by ratifying such agreements that are 'modern treaties' of Self Termination.

The U.N International Covenant of Civil and Political Rights state no one shall be held in servitude in which is entrenched in Canada's so called charter of rights termed as Freedom of Association. Canada its Courts, and Police are holding our Peoples and its own Citizens in Servitude to Her Majesty where all laws are created where the U.K Monarchy is Head of State which is illegal and unlawful. This ANGA is created to continue to hold such signatories in servitude to Her Majesty or future Monarch and give up our lands and inherit rights to become a municipality aka a corporation.

I am not a well paid Chief, Indigenous Lawyer or Academic with a platform and if I can educate myself to learn and assert the law in my fights in court to have charges withdrawn using said laws when I am charged unlawfully for exercising inherit rights then those who do not address such things may need to go back to school or are complicit to this Self Termination.

The recent trip of Residential School Survivors, and Indian Act Leadership Representatives to the Vatican and future Papal Visit to our Territories is a continuation of this collective Self Termination termed as Reconciliation. Reconciliation is an occult sacrament of the Jesuits that allows them represent God on Earth and to continue wage the same colonial acts on our Peoples but that is a topic for another Post to go further in depth.

These Indian Act Bands and Chief Organizations are also misappropriating Clan Ways and incorporating Clans exemplified in how now the name ANISHINABEK NATION is now incorporated via Union of Ontario Indians.

Happy Easter Weekend. Don't get Crucified.

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