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FOOD FOR THOUGHT: Warriors Eat Last

By Johnny Hawk

Let’s not compare our current actions with self defensive armed struggles within our past if we’re not prepared to first be armed ourselves. Blockades or even being Armed in Self Defence is not the Resistance but only tools of the Resistance as is the Sweatlodge, the Community Greenhouse and Food Cooperative.

The Black Panther Party for Self Defence was an Armed Vanguard for their Ppl and focused on delivering many social programming such as, Medical, Schools and Feed the People Programs to totally resist the System and be a Self Sustainable Organized Movement not dependent and in resistance to Govt programming.

Black Panther Bobby Seale organizing the “Feed the People” Program

In our teachings a Warrior is to provide for the people and is to eat last, there is nothing wrong with supporting our warriors or asking for help however today’s Warrior seems dependent at times on calling out for financial donations where those more “well known” are funded by NGO’s, Settler Allies to even Govt Grants and forget to empower or “feed” others who may not get the same attention and support like the Youth Suicide Crisis for instance. We tend to also create a celebrity out of “Activists” who then make careers off the Struggle where certain individuals and issues are given continued support over others which only creates divisions, sects, ego’s, popularity clubs preventing the empowering of creating more needed warriors and camps and a collective revolutionary organization.

As we organize we need to be careful not to recreate the loose Pan Indian Movements of the past to recent mobilization seen at Standing Rock and through Idle No More which opens us up to infiltration and is also limited to what we are trying to achieve and most times has issues of unaccountability. Organizing to make change starts first within our own families/clans and communities. An indigenous Nationalism type of Organization may be seen as Pan Indian however we had Confederacy’s among our Nations that were well organized.

Kwame Toure a Revolutionary talked about “the conscious and unconscious” in struggle and to know the difference between mobilization and being organized. I like to put it as, after the blockade, ceremony, march we go back to a way of life we say we’re against. Some even go back being employed to help keep us colonized. It seems every 7-10 yrs there is an individual cause that creates a national solidarity movement then it ends only to resurface to repeat itself. If we are sincere with our solidarity then we would commit to coming back into our communities to engage in revolutionary initiatives and remove ourselves from the “system” Fred Hampton of the Black Panthers spoke about the importance of being educated priot to Action. This is imperative as many give their blind allegiance to movements and people who look the part even to Hereditary Leaderships who are selling out and promoting things like Section 35 and UNDRIP and using the Supreme Court of Canada which all are based on the doctrine of discovery that put the Nation State as owner of the whole lands and jurisdiction over our Nations.

Not Tryna be a Hater but if we want to be Real than we got to speak some of these Realities. and I’m far from a FB Warrior as this is just one tool to be used just like the SACRED pIPE to the Gun in Self Defense. No Give Up!

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