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Grassroots demand Stop of Anishininabek Governance Agreement with Grand Council Chief

For Immediate Release February 5th 2020

(Dish With One Spoon Territory) A Grassroots Collective representing the Anishinabeg Clan Council Fires recognized by the Anishinaabeg and Haudenasaunee Wampum Belt Treaties and PreConfederation Treaties with the Crown will be meeting with Grand Council Chief of Union of Ontario Indians at its Head Office on Thursday February 6th to demand the scrap the Anishinabek Governance Agreement.

“We acknowledge only 15 communities remain in this ratification process and feel UOI has lost touch with our People and feel they do not represent us as true Anishinabe under our own laws, the Clan System which is our Constitution.” Says Johnny Hawke one of the Groups Organizer’s

“We never capitulated to any foreign or domestic Nations where Canada and the Union of Ontario Indians are attempting to do this by incorporating us under the same jurisdiction of the doctrine of discovery, the Indian Act and Section 35 through this agreement” – Says Hawke

The Group is comprised of the North Shore Cannabis Association, Robinson Huron Treaty Hunters and Elders and Community Organizers and members the Union of Ontario Indians claim to represent who have agreed to meet at their head office to hear these concerns.

“We extended and offer to smoke pipe with our Clan Heads and Elders in which UOI declined to smoke pipe with us the People at the meeting. This demonstrates a red flag on how they connect with the people where they as an organization are trying to be the head Government for our People.” Says Hawke

For More Info Contact:

Johnny Hawke

705 529 5658 – Cell

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