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It’s not Enough just to say these are our Lands; We must know how KKKanada is a lie and raise

By Kaikaikons, Adik Doodem

When our People stand up against so called Canada to reclaim or in defense of our Territories it is not enough to just say these our lands but also to hold up their fictitious laws showing how they usurp our Jurisdiction as Clans and Nations under Tribal Law. We need to make constitutional challenges more often when we are charged under their law. The Revolutionist, Kwame Ture (Stockely Carmichael) said “Mobilization is temporary and based on reactionary emotions where Organization is Permanent.” This is key in learning from our past and current actions in our collective Resistance Movement where the majority of our People after the blockade, march, vigil, ceremony always go back to a way of life we say we’re against at these political powwow events. This critique may be harsh but when Hereditary Chief Namooks of the Wet’suwet’en; a Nation who has gained recent support in unity has been documented on APTN News as saying “We as Canadians, We as British Columbians, Our Judicial System” where activists and supporters shout slogans of UNDRIP and Section 35 are collectively putting the Indigenous and our lands under this fiction called Canada by doing so. The Unconscious need to be Conscious and know what you are standing under as in “under-standing”. Here is some inner-standing to help the unconscious become conscious.

  1. The jurisdiction of Maritime Admiralty Law; The law of Water internationally governs commerce by chartered corporations (ships). This law was first implemented upon our continent as a Papal Bull in 1493 permitting the genocide of our Peoples and theft of our lands.

  2. We never capitulated to any foreign or domestic Nations where Canada is attempting to do this by incorporating us under the same jurisdiction of the doctrine of discovery, the Indian Act and Section 35 through many “modern treaty” agreements.

  3. We recognize the 1867 BNA Act was not a Constitution but an Act of the UK Parliament to unify four colonies as one; Whose only power was advising the Governor-General. Canada is not a legitimate Government.

  4. We recognize the BNA ACT served as Letters Patent for a Governor General as Corporation Sole where jurisdiction over “Indians and Lands reserved for Indians” was fraudulently given to the Parliament of Canada breaching the 1764 Niagara Treaty. Canada’s Indian Act Bands are not the proper authority for our Nations and Confederacy’s.

  5. We recognize that the UK’s Statutes Law Revision Act (1893) eliminated the succession rights of British Monarchs as the Monarch of Canada as was found in Section 2 of the BNA Act 1867. The Crown has no longer any authority in any agreements with our Nations.

  6. We recognize the UK’s Statute of Westminster (1931) relinquished the Crown’s authority in its Dominions; As a result all lands ceded within Treaties between our Nations and the Crown reverted back to the Indigenous Nations and whereas all laws, courts, court decisions and agreements in the name of the Crown are null and void.

  7. We recognize the Bank of Canada in 1974 was turned over to the International Monetary Fund and Private International Banks that print Canada’s money loaning it out at outrageous rates of compound interest to the Defacto Government of Canada. Canada’s Bank Act permits that these Banks do not require anything to back up it’s money. Stats Canada reported in 2006 that $160 Million per day goes towards interest owed to these Banks. This International Banking Scheme is fraud and counterfeit. Canada Financial Reports state $26 billion a year is made from our Natural Resources for their De facto Government where Canada has no Natural Resources and all profits created comes from the exploitation of our Territories. Ratifying Agreements that rely and utilize such Banks and acceptance of Canadian currency is complicit in this Fraud.

  8. We recognize that the 1982 Constitution Act; the Charter of Rights and Freedoms is only the incorporation document for a maritime ship (corporation) and not a Constitution. Queen Elizabeth II was never Canada’s Head of State via the UK’s Statutes Law Revision Act and had no authority over the development of the Constitution Act 1982. The UOI asserts it’s ANGA to be under Section 35 of a fraudulent Constitution in which ratifying such an Agreement with a defacto Government is suicidal. Any Agreements between this defacto government and its subordinate Indian Bands have no legal standing.

“Our task is not to teach the people to be conscious but to make them conscious of their unconscious behaviour” Kwame Ture.

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