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Morning Coffee Thought: Where is the Love?

Where is the love?

I had some sort of experience at the last shaking tent ceremony. I wont explain what I heard and saw, but I will tell you something that I figured out on my own. Well actually it wasn’t on my own. Through the guidance of the conductor, I was able to stumble upon something new to me.

There was an instance where i was instructed not to think. I couldn’t do it the first time around, but kept on trying. I had trouble trying not to think, so instead I focused on a feeling. I searched inside myself, until I stumbled upon a really good feeling. A feeling where the hairs on the back of my neck stood on end, and I had a feeling of peace an euphoria. I concentrated on this feeling, not realizing that it put me into a state of “not thinking”.

That was when I started to hear things, and see things that I couldn’t before. I think I was “connected”, if that is the right word.

I reflected on my experience afterwards, and thought that this is where the One Good Heart, One Good Mind, must really come from. So what I’ve been trying to do the last few days is center around that love feeling, and push it out through the top of my head and out into the universe.

One of the things the conductor said that really stuck out was, “If you really understand healing, it isn’t the healers that bring the healing, it is those that are looking to be healed.”

Taking in what the healer said about healing, and this thing i discovered about focusing on a feeling of love, it got me thinking about what we can do for ourselves. I don’t want to go on sounding like some new ager, or some hippie, but I believe what the man said. I mean, it wasn’t until i did exactly as he instructed that i figured something out, that our people probably had been doing for eons.

Where is the love? Its inside you.

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