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Monday March 29 2021

Kaikaikons of the Atik Clan Territory aka John Hawke INAC Prisoner of War # 1410167801 of Christian Island Indian Reserve 30A is announcing the breach of the $1.1 Billion 2018 Williams Treaties Settlement Agreement by the Province of Ontario’s AWENDA PROVINCIAL PARK whereas this Settlement proposed to recognize Aboriginal Harvesting Rights which was allegedly surrendered in 1923.

A 2018 Settlement Agreement between the Williams Treaties First Nations, Canada and the Province of Ontario to resolve issues surrounding the 1923 Williams Treaties is a repeat of history where Ontario has already breached this Agreement says Hawke.

John Hawke, a Beausoleil First Nation member erected a blockade on June 21, 2019 for five weeks of Ontario’s Awenda Provincial Park situated on land involved in the settlement to raise awareness of what he feels is a continuation of injustice.

2019 Blockade of Ontario’s Awenda Provincial Park, contested land of 1795 Penetang Purchase, Crown Treaty 5

Hawke erected a blockade to the entrance to the Provincial Park for 5 weeks which ended by his arrest for allegedly uttering threats to the Park Warden which he says was fabricated to get him out of the park in which OPP took him into custody. Hawke who self represented himself in December 2020 on these charges had them withdrawn bringing up a Constitutional Question in an Ontario Superior Court. Hawke was taken into custody for almost 30 hours and released on bail. While in custody Park Staff cleared the blockade along with dismantling the cultural camp and cabin that was up for 7 years in a separate forested area in the Park and wasn’t part of the blockade.

“By the Park taking down the cabin and the OPP putting conditions on me not to return to the Park the Province of Ontario has already breached this 2018 Agreement which infringes on our reinstated Harvesting Rights and the promise to foster reconciliation and understanding as declared in the Agreement.” Says Hawke

Hawke further explains that erecting Cabins on Crown lands coincides with Indigenous Harvesting Rights as affirmed in R v Sundown and R v Meshake, two Supreme Court decisions.

Hawke requested the Beausoleil First Nation Chief and Council, who are a member of the seven Williams Treaties First Nations, on numerous occasions to get involved on this issue but have not. Hawke is now organizing with two prominent Constitutional Lawyers to bring forth litigation of this serious breach of this Settlement Agreement at the hands of the Province of Ontario. (Awenda Provincial Park). Hawke feels disheartened that the Williams Treaties First Nations have not shown interest in this matter. “This is the same circumstance that led to this $1.1 Billion pay out” says Hawke.

Contact: Kaikaikons, Atik Dodem Johnny Hawke 705 247 2120

Cultural Camp and Cabin that was unlawfully removed in 2019 that had been erected and standing for seven years in so called Ontario’s Awenda Provincial Park. Ontario unlawfully removed this camp and cabin when removed Hawke from the area which breached a $1.1 Billion Settlement Agreement

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