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Press Release: Algonquins Constitutional Challenge


Bear Island, Lake Temagami, On P0H 1C0


Bear Island, Lake Temagami, Ontario

May 24, 2015 for immediate release

On April 17, 2015, a member of the Algonquins of Timagami Nation filed a “Notice of Constitutional Question” in the Ontario Provincial Court, Haileybury, Ontario in Northeastern Ontario.

May 26, 2015 has been set as the the date for the “CONSTITUTIONAL CHALLENGE” before a Judge in the Ontario Provincial Courthouse in Haileybury, Ontario.This member of the Algonquins of Timagami was unable to hire a lawyer that was prepared to take on his case and advance his position; that he is a member of the unsurrendered Nation of the Algonquins of Timagami.  He had a lawyer, but the lawyer quit, and refused to file his case, so now an Elder of the Algonquins of Timagami Nation will be assisting him in this historical Constitutional Challenge.

This member’s legal position was filed in the Ontario Provincial Court, in the town of Haileybury, Ontario and with the Attorney General of Ontario’s Constitutional law department along with the  Attorney General for Canada’s Constitutional lawyers, last week.

The position that the member is taking is one that has been very rarely used  in this country.

Few other members of the Algonquins of Timagami have advanced this type of argument  and have been successful and have had all their charges withdrawn, due to the position they have taken on unsurendered Indian lands. The postion that this member will be taking is that the Ontario Provincial Court and the Ontario Provincial Police do not have legal jurisdiction to arrest, charge and incarcerate a member of the

Algonquins of Timagami on unsurrendered Indian Territory.  There is no valid treaty that covers this area of Ontario and therefore; there shouldn’t be any courthouses, jails, Ontario police or incorporated towns or patents of any kind on the UNSURRENDERED LAND OF THE ALGONQUINS OF TIMAGAMI NATION.  There are international laws that protect the Indians from being molested or disturbed in their “Hunting Grounds.”

For more information or clarification contact:

Margaret “Verna” Friday


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