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Reflections of our Resistance and Uprisings

By: Kaikaikons

Some frustrated thoughts on our periodical “uprisings” and our resistance “movements”

I not against any frontline actions like lighting a cop car or court house up even if it’s by provocateurs sent in or if shit is planned by the State because a revolution does need to happen however our actions we employ when all peaceful measures are exhausted be it blockades or so called riots that flare up throughout the decades always become pacified and dissipates as the rage of the masses who are engaged in such temporary actions doesn’t channel itself to become an organized sustained revolution or self sufficient revolutionary organization. After the ceremony, blockade, march or so called “riot” we always go back to the same capitalist consumerist society we say we against and dependent on after the State capitalizes more then us from our reactions.

Often times our actions, camps, blockades, supporters, allies get sold out and compromised by those at the helm in order to negotiate with the State to sit at some table; sign some MOU or agreement, enter their courts being tricked to give up our power and acknowledge the authority of the oppressor and any momentum and actions gained as leverage is lost.

The Oppressor since the 60’s/70’s CointelPro have infiltrated our movements where today most get hijacked if not already have agents built in from the getgo. Hip Hop started as a grassroots movement but now is very misogynistic and a capitalist tool controlled by the oppressor’s propaganda Entertainment Industry to control the minds of the masses to keep the values of this capitalist system that keeps us enslaved. Pan Indian Movements are dangerous also for being infiltrated and hijacked where organizing within our own community as Clans for accountability can help stop this.

Critical Thinking and Questioning Things is also under attack nowadays where many critical thinkers and people questioning sketchy things are now being discredited and minimized as divisive or tin foil hat wearing “conspiracy theorists.” We must not give into paranoia but we must be able to have critical thinking and questioning things that may seem out of the box as this is what being “woke” is about and allows us to not be controlled by others who may be stuck with “in the box” thinking.

Popularity Clubs and the rise of the Celebrity Activist and Cool Kids Clubs is very real and also hijacked our movements. I see many self proclaimed Warriors preach Sovereignty but dependent on their FanClubs, Groupies and NGO’s to fund their life yet expect the rest of us to be just as Warrior as them when we do not enjoy the same attention and support these types seem to constantly get and demand. I’ve also experienced where we all preach accountability in our movements and calling out shit yet it seems certain ppl are not held to the same standards and are exempt and given a pass of “we all make mistakes” as they continue to shit on others and those who call shit out get accused of lateral violence for calling out actual lateral violence. In short there is no accountability in our movements. Why would I want to work with those who dont empower others just their own careers and camps and act just as the oppressor we claim to be against.

Before engaging in some righteous rebellion ask yourself, is it worth it to jeopardize my well being and freedom if those at the helm of the movement are gonna just end up selling me out and go against principle; is my emotions, reactions, thinking being manipulated to serve an agenda am I just giving into more social conditioning? Are we even organized enough to take on the beast or is this just to bait and cattle us in?

I am a Nobody and these just my observations and experience of being engaged in our resistance movements over the years and my critical thinking and frustrations where I’m still free enough to share which are also valid thoughts. Consider me whatever you want for my critical thinking, I no care what others think nor do I resist or part of collectives and movements to be popular but hardly feel my opinion matters anyways as I no celeb activist or fAIM Warrior to influence others by my critical thinking which may appear as “conspiracy theories” at times as I feel the ppl can think for themselves. I think.

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