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Reoccupation of Manito Abi

Whiteshell Manitoba ~ Manitou Ahbee ~ Where the Great Spirit Sits ~ (working in collaboration with Oshkimaadziig Camp)

Our vision is to take back our Ancient Sacred Site by re-occupying it, to re-teach and to bring to our people of our Ancient Tribal government of Matriarchy and our Ancient Laws – Natural Law and Spiritual Law. To protect and preserve our ceremonial site and the ways of our Indigenous Ancestors for future generations to come. We see this as a priority at this time, we are now in a crisis situation on our own home land and all of Mother Earth as well, we must follow through with the Prophecies of what our Ancestors have foretold us.

In the Whiteshell park, it is a sacred site known to us Indigenous Nations, as Manitou Ahbee, meaning – where the Great Spirit sits and the area is situated at the heart of Turtle Island, in south eastern Manitoba. This is a place of high spiritual energy where ceremonies and gatherings have always been conducted since the beginning of time by the Indigenous Nations.

However, since the brutality of colonization in the early 1900’s Manitou Ahbee was close to or forgotten and thus occupied by the euro-christian government. It was not the fault of the Indigenous people who were imprisoned into concentration camps – Indian Reserves by this euro-christian government, and at the time the Indigenous children forcefully taken away and placed into residential schools; many of the Indigenous peoples, our people have became fearful prisoners on our own home land and many of us have lost our Ancient way of Life.

At present, Manitou Ahbee and all of the Whiteshell area is occupied by a euro-christian government, under their government name Natural Resources and enforcing their laws; our sacred place of ceremonies and gatherings has a long time been desecrated by this government and by non-Indigenous visitors – where sacred teaching stones are broken, dismantled, remains of ancestors and ancient artifacts are removed/stolen and without the consent of Indigenous peoples they are placed into the vaults, schools, and museums of this foreign government.

Our Ancient Sacred Site, Manitou Ahbee is at this time used by the occupants as a museum and a park to attract tourists for their economy and progress of a foreign society; it is time we as Indigenous peoples of this land assert and command our Laws and strength our Ancient Matriarchal government, the First Law of this Land, and end the genocide of the Indigenous people and Sacred Lands.

We must return to the Ancient ways of over 6,500 years ago, just as the remains of our Ancient Grandmother indicated to us, for this was a time when we were innocent, pure, and true to our ways of our Ancestors and the Great Spirit.

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