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Resistance Movements In Distress

The use of flags originate from warfare and colonization. An upside down flag in the U.S Military symbolizes “dire distress and extreme danger to life or property.” Our Peoples had our own articles such as Eagle Staffs, Wampum Belts, Totem Poles to identify ourselves where today sellouts use flags that are a tool to identify themselves as entities under the jurisdiction of a foreign law. This Flag known both as the “Mohawk Warrior Flag” or “Indian Unity Flag” designed by Louis Hall of Kanawake in the mid 1970’s has come to symbolize the Resistance of Indigenous Nations in defense of Territory and Rights. This particular flag has its origins with the Kanieneke:haka People which created a “civil war” and division but that is for the People of those communities to share.

By Kaikaikons Atik Doodem (Johnny Hawk)

The collective mobilization of resistance that explodes across our Territories every so often eventually pacifies itself back into co-operating within the constructs of neo-colonialism where the populous engaged in the recent Wetsuwe’tin Solidarity Campaigns have now shifted into the “Stay The Fuck Home” Movement. This social conditioning is understandable for those influenced by group-think, fear, and the mass media entertainment propaganda machine but what is disheartening is Spiritual Leaders, Celebrity type Activists and Warriors who’ve become the face of Resistance are now following orders where the Resistance has become shockingly silent.

Where are our Movement Leaders? If we are not organizing as a collective to become self-sustainable and unified then we need to question what this pandemic actually is if we claim to be “woke.” I am not saying this virus is fake as the seasonal flu kills thousands each year and where bio-warfare has been waged on people by governments in the past but we need to question the fear that is being produced by the Government and Media. There are credible Scientists and Doctors sharing critical thoughts on this pandemic who are not being given a platform on corporate media and who are unattached to big pharma which is a huge red flag.

The Leaderships under the BIA and INAC system characteristically will continue to “hang-around-the-fort” propagating the oppressors narrative and go along with the government funded response to this pandemic in which they are only helping to turn our communities into sitting ducks. There is no community participation in discussing and making decisions that effect our lives which is taking a back seat as we are in “lock down.” There is no community meetings happening although many of our communities have the technology to make this happen. Many communities are in an election year which most are being postponed however it doesn’t matter who is elected in this system as it is only a tool to serve the on-going assimilation agenda’s.

We do need to protect our communities but there is a difference between being cautious and being careful. Being cautious is reactionary based on the emotion of fear which makes us unable to think clearly where we can be controlled easily where being careful is an action where we use our intelligence intelligently. We are a powerful and spiritual people where creator/creation gave us an intelligence where our spirituality is based on critical thinking to use our intelligence intelligently to put into action.

Critical Thinking has seemed to be under attack in the recent decade where our movements seemed to have become pacified or outright hijacked. The least likely place where critical thinking and free speech is being oppressed is by SJW’s cancel culture where a privileged white narrative is at the helm. This “cancel culture” is mostly made up of white fragile millennial’s who go to extremes to shame and oust people who do not think exactly as they do. In our communities due to effects of colonialism I’ve observed that a perspective does not become popular or considered legitimate until it comes from a white person in a position of influence.

The use of accusing others of Lateral Violence is something that is being misused that also needs to be addressed in the issue of a barrier to critical thinking. Those seeking accountability are often accused of lateral violence in an attempt to be silenced by those actual guilty of such behavior. There are also smear campaigns, false accusations in our movements where people play into taking sides without factual evidence and based on hearsay or opinion. These are all key factors why many won’t question things where it becomes unpopular to do so but fuck that shit; as who walks into struggle to become popular anyways? The reality however is our Movements and Spiritual Circles have become Fan Clubs and Popularity Contests and is hard for those to share critical thinking required in these times.

On the Spiritual aspect is recent responses I’ve seen from Spiritual People regarding this pandemic is that they’ve received messages through ceremony directly from Spirit and Creator. I do not discredit these messages but again only question. I question why these messages that come from another plane are so generic that all we need to do is be thankful and keep prayer and we’re in a time of change. There is no new ceremonies, medicines or dances being sent from Spirit for our protection but Spiritual leaders and Elder’s do continue to say “We must learn from our Past.” If we are to “learn from our past” then we need to acknowledge that bio-warfare was used on us to exterminate us and vaccines/sterilization imposed to lower our numbers. The Government, Military, Church and Police all engaged together in genocidal acts upon our people. Our Rights were taken away and we were given a Pass System to leave our Reserves so we can participate in society. Our history is not a Conspiracy Theory. Those who shame those of us who are justified in questioning what is going on should be the one’s considered the conspiracy theorists.

Those who serve in the military and police forces sadly will take orders which will only be a benefit to the “ruling class.” Those who served in the oppressors forces must use those skills to help mobilize in a resistance to benefit the people of what is coming. We have a choice to stand up and not be fearful. There is more of us as concerned People globally then there is of these global elites who only want to gain more profits from depopulation, quarantining and control, crashing economies, taking away our rights by bringing it all on through technocracy. Some Matrix and Skynet fiction is becoming reality very fast if there was every a time for a Resistance it is now.

(Below Dr and Scientist Shiva Ayyadurai who invented email at age 14 with credentials to the nine’s holds 4 degrees from MIT, a PHD in biological engineering who studies the immune system daily and unattached to big pharma and globalist elites share scientific/biological facts and critical thoughts on the fear being created for profits and control)

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