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Shuck and Jiving, Duck and Diving

Shuck n Jiving, Duck n Diving: We need decolonize from Internalized Racism first or we just fooling ourselves where majority of our own are Mascots, Puppet Role Models, Lapdogs, House Negro’s, Tonto’s and Hang-Around-the-Forts helping to employ capitalism which is racism’s conjoined twin; where societies institutions are all based on this and intended to only serve and protect those with capital. Capital is accumulated by theft of labor “slavery” and theft of land.

Even our Movements can be used against us. Hip-hop born out of self empowerment of the Black Community is now a tool to keep masses programmed to a culture of violence, drugs, alcohol, misogyny and materialism; values of the Slave Master who owns the Entertainment Industry. The rich and famous all seeing “eyeCons” pay a price to play and remain silient when they see shit in that world just as BIPOC cops are in the blue fraternity “the force” and keep silent when they see their brothers do some whack racist shit.

The Lone Ranger chooses a Tonto where the NGO Industrial Complex and White “Ally’s” will support certain individuals or a community where their white privilege determines which of our “issues”, “camps” becomes a focal point of our movement. This takes away from our evolution of our decolonization and concentrates us on one issue keeping us as a Pan Indian Movement that leaves us open for infiltration and being directed and manipulated by outside agenda’s. These factors also create the Celeb Activist or fAIM warrior that preaches sovereignty and that we need to be just as Warrior as they are yet we are not supported the way they are by NGO’s, Allies, FanCLubs and have to feed and shelter our family by participating in this racist, capitalist system.

At a time when Sundances and Ceremonies were made illegal our people were only permitted to dance for white people in Buffallo Bills Wild west Shows this is where Powwow originates from. Our Communities today are a Powwow Culture where we throw on superficial images, language over colonial institutions to be acceptable and tolerable for white society. The Aboriginal Industry of social workers, chief and councils, lawyers profit off of our misery that administer government programs and values of capitalism, promoting agreements that extinguish who we are and title to our lands for money that goes back to the oppressors economy. We have lots of work to do that starts by first tearing down internalized racism and its institutions in our own communities before we can even think of addressing the racism of our oppressor.

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