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Solutions through Fasting and Dreams

By: Kaikaikons (Johnny Hawk)

Few Yrs Ago the Rez was putting Water Lines to Powwow Grounds at the Lake. I live across the Road. I was walking home and passed Water Treatment worker in dirt hole on the road working. I walked by and jokingly but outta instinct said “Did you find any Ancestors yet”…Hour Goes By, Rez Cops was there and then Govt Car. They found ancestors. They dug up a Wendat Ossuary nobody knew about as there was archeologists here in the 80’s. There was a small prayer with a few spiritual ppl from here and returned them to the earth but moved them on the side of the road and put up a poor effort of 2×4 fence where road still goes through where they once laid. I question if this was anywhere else off Rez in Town how loud n angry would we be crying injustice?

Last night I had a dream were many of our own Ppl were wearing these Facemask’s everybody is now wearing for the virus and wearing some kind of green uniforms and protecting the constructing of something over the ossuary. I yelled at them to stop being sellouts then all sudden I had bunch of our own ppl Anishinabek and Wendat together in Regalia stopping them and we did Ceremony for these Ancestors. These Wendat that were here b4 us Anishinabe on C.I were chased here by Kanienkeha’ka and starved as there was nothing to eat here and many died this was influenced by European Control of an Economy and know as the Beaver Wars. Us Anishinabek came down and fought Haudenasaunee and eventually established peace and alliance. My Territorial Clan Council Fire were given a belt to hold called Beaver bowl or Dish with One Spoon and we was to renew through ceremony with the Haudenasaunee.

In 2011 I fasted to seek what I should do where 3 communities were voting on accepting a land settlement agreement (surrender). In my Fast I dreamed many fish and birds were coming up on shores dead and I had to feed them to stop it. At the coming out feast I shared what I dreamed and on that same night on the news it reported thousands of fish dead on shores of Georgian bay. Long story short, my dream told me we shouldn’t surrender title to the land as it’s not for us to do and if we do we have to give up something where our ppl will be like those fish and birds. The Midewewiin of my community my cousin took my dream serious as it happened and was told our community needed to feast our bay. They invited their Mide Grand Chief here but did not let me share my dream in its full meaning. Later on after the agreement was accepted ppl in our communities young and old began dying off in numbers not seen before. I not saying it was a result of accepting the settlement but ultimately a result of accepting white mans lifestyle; sugar, processed foods causing cancer, alcohol, drugs that took many young n old. As a result of this Fast 2 other community members did some actions which let to a reclamation camp in Awenda Provincial Park, “Council Rock” to relight our Clan Council Fires and uphold our Agreements in these Belts. I was faced with tests with relationships, friendships and our camp went silent.

In 2018 another Agreement came along involving 13 Million Acres in a shady 1923 Treaty the settlement was again accepted. In April 2019 my Dad passed I took this that I needed to get back to myself and my own dream and nurture those fires. In June I erected a blockade at the main entrance at Awenda Park and for 5 weeks with the help of a Grandmother and fellow Firekeeper. I am now in the Courts challenging Canada’s fraudulent Constitution.

I am not sharing this to boast. I am no holy roller, I’ve struggled with alcohol. I am no celeb activist or in these spiritual hierarchal clubs and popularity contests, I pissed people off, people I care about, I’ve even had a smear campaign against me by my own cousin who turned many ppl against me and the work I was doing however I am sharing this as a responsibility to my dreams. I’ve not been drinking for sometime and my dreams have been getting stronger and speaking to me more again. When we fast we go without so others may live. During this so called Pandemic many realities have been revealing itself on the illusion that is society. The solutions on how to kill this sickness and what really is going on and what we need to be doing is right there if we step away from the poisons and pay attention to our own dreams. We pray and protest and blockade against a way of life we say we’re against but how many of our own are waiting to return to that way of life once “this shit is over?” If I can be re-connected and opened up to Spirit so can You! No need to be a follower of someone else or their Popularity Clubs. Nurture that Fire.

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