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The Fallen Feather

Author Randy N Bezeau Publisher Jannica R Hoskins Fallen Feather Productions Photography All Rights Reserved Dec 2

*Editors note*A comrade had asked me if I had seen this video.  There was a quote that he made reference to and I could not believe what he stated from the video.  To my dismay I could not locate the video on the web or anywhere else.  But a simple google search did reveal this pdf file.  The one quote that drew my attention, was in reference to Native children being held hostages, as to prevent a Native Uprising, while the kkkanadian government was planning to build a rail way through the west.  Here is that reference below.

Edgar Dewdney, now an Indian Commissioner of the North West Territories in 1885 wrote to the MacDonald government saying: “…the Indians would regard them, their children, as hostages, given to the whites and would hesitate to commit any hostile acts that would endanger their children’s well being…” Edgar Dewdney, 1885 13 Further to this, J. A. McCrae an Indian agent and future department superintendent stated. “It is unlikely that any tribe or tribes would give trouble of a serious nature to the government whose members had children completely under government control.”  (Page 12, 13 of this pdf)

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