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Don’t Mistake my Kindness for my Weakness

By Johnny Hawke ACTION

Sometimes in this update I need to rant as it pertains to the struggles we face within our  Communities as a part of our Decolonization.

So if some don’t like my “ranting” they can always turn me off and plug back into the comfort of the numbness of the system.

Some of us lately have been taking on others negativity within our circles which comes with the territory of putting ourselves out there. I want to share some  stuff lately that I have been struggling with and want to inspire us all to use these things  to make a positive.

This is not only about me but what to expect out there and how to overcome such obstacles. I know I shouldn’t have to explain myself and not worry about it but we cant hide it for it is the balance to the positive. Lets embrace it.

Recent comments by a minimal few tell me that I shouldn’t preach about Independence and being Sovereign when I am on Welfare and live with “Mommy and Daddy.” Some say that I am no Warrior but just a Fake.

I live with my Mom and Dad right now because my Dad needs assistance living at home, while my mom works to take care of our Communities toddlers. My dad has health issues in regards to his heart and breathing where he needs somebody close by.

I am also committed to learning a dying Anishinabe Language while residing with him. Sometimes the language has to be taught in an immersion setting. This is my immersion. Sometimes our history needs to be passed on and it can’t be taught in schools, sometimes you have to buckle down and hear it everyday, spoken from the source.

I have my own two bedroom house that I personally own in which I let my Cousin and his two Sons live in. Shall I ask him to leave  so just I can be “Independent”  looking after only myself?

The Rent money I get from him goes to put food on the table for me and my folks. Also There is a Housing Crisis where over crowding is an issue and most of our people have no where else to go.  So for a fee to put food on my table I rent my house.

I have become educated out there and have worked out there, I have had my own place out there but I choose to make a difference working on The Self, Family, Community, Nation and then Globally, as the Elders preached this to me.

I not only reside here in my own community. I have many places within our Territories on Turtle Island where I am welcomed and call home. I have many brothers and sisters, aunties and uncles, where I am welcomed to reside during various times of the year. I am a Nomadic. I have many trailers, war camps, fires, reoccupation sites, hunt camps that I call home and where I change residence with the seasons. I go out to help in other communities, after I try to help within my own.

I am on Welfare and tried to be employed with my First Nation but am to “Political” or “Militant” in the things that I try to address. I and a majority of others are on Welfare in my community because there is no Jobs and Family Relations play a huge part in the Politics of obtaining employment. I also choose not to continue to support a system that contradicts our Nationhood.

I am working on Self Sufficiency plan that benefits those who want to participate and work and be Responsible for our Rights. I have the education and drive to  find a job out there and care for myself and leave my communities but I choose not to. I am not saying though it is wrong to leave your communities. You have to leave your communities to find yourself and sometimes you have to leave just out of frustration.

If this sounds Self Righteous and that I got an Ego problem this is the negative from telling us youth the positive that we can do anything. Don’t loose all hope on us though, we can utilize the humility teaching and create a balance.

If it seems I got an Ego problem let me know I can admit my faults and I will work on what needs working on. I encourage you within my circles to let me know my faults so I get work on what needs an adjustment so we can create this Unity.

I wanted to share this because those that  only see me as an Educated Welfare Bum who lives with his Mah n Pah and only hear my words without knowing me,  I ask you, Do you want to take the Blue Pill or the Red Pill?

If you take the Blue Pill, the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe", or to take the red pill, where "you stay in Wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes." - The Matrix

If I still seem like I am living off of “Mommy and Daddy” maybe I can move in with you? I can pay Rent.

” Its the same damn circle chasing the dollar selling out instead of getting stronger, Snooki is the leader of a lost seventh generation of followers. Everybody wants to be tan with their liquor in their hand, bumpin n clubin, sippin off the titty of the fat white man/ So don’t preach to me that the bling is a thing that makes you feel In after selling out your culture” -Johnny Hawke

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