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Flood the Chiefs Email Anti Pipeline Campaign

Please Help Flood the emails of these Chiefs to get them to boycott this Gathering. If these Chiefs can bow down to the government about releasing their financial documents there shouldnt be a problem sharing their emails…Use the Template below or create your own but lets flood the shit out of their emails……Share it around and help this Campaign!

Cc: wallace fox <>, Perry Bellegarde <>,, Nelson Bunn <>,, Chief Rollie Hamilton <>, “” <>,, Nelson Houle <>, David Ledoux <>, James Plewak <>,,,,,, Dennis Meeches <>,,, “” <>,,,,,, Cameron Catcheway <>, Chief Francine Meeches <>, Barry McKay <>, Melville Wabash <>, sam Cruise <>,,,,, Andrea Camp <>,, John Jurrius <>, Hector <>

Weweni’ Boozhoo:

My name is Kai Kai Kons and I belong to the Loon Clan of the Anishinabek Nation and reside in Oshkimaadiziig Camp and am of the Chimnissing Anishinabek.

We are writing you today on behalf of our territory, waters, and future generations and for those whose voices are not respected and represented. We have been asked by our Women who assert themselves accordingly to our Clan System and Laws and who are the true Leadership of our Nation where it is my obligation to the responsibilities of those things I’ve expressed that I am in which I am to addressing you today.

I am also writing you in regards to the illegally imposed Canadian policies, land claim settlements and industries that breach our Nation to Nation Agreements we have with the Crown where you are a representative as an Indian Act Agent commonly known as a Band Chief.

In 1705 in the case involving the Mohegan Tribe vs Connecticut the Crown ruled that the Jurisdiction of the Indigenous Nations of North America exists and is affirmed. This was never appealed. In 1764, the Niagara Covenant Chain Belt was an agreement between 24 Indigenous Nations. This was an agreement based on Peace, Co-existence and Non-Interference and one of Canada’s founding constitutional documents.

There is no representation of our people who wish to assert themselves accordingly in regards to these very sacred and legal agreements. Canada and its Judicial System, Military and their Agents who breach these agreements are guilty of Misprison of Treason and Complicity of Genocide. Our people’s voices are not truly represented as a Nation and who are forced to accept colonial policies under coercion and duress.

We understand Chief Terrance Nelson of the Southern Chiefs Organization of Manitoba has only invited specific Chiefs who are attending the AFN Gathering to an Oil and Pipeline Business Partnership Conference, held December 8th, 2014 at the Delta Hotel 350 St. Mary Avenue, Winnipeg. We strongly advise you to spiritually and legally uphold who we are as a Nation and boycott this event. The Forestry and Oil Industry, Pipelines, Land Surrenders, policies such as the First Nation Lands Management Act are attempts to undermine our Jursidiction, detroy our Waters, Land and Future Generations. You have a chance to start asserting yourself accordingly to who we really are. We strongly advise you to boycott this and address this issue amongst yourselves to stop this development and start a reemergence of our own institutions such as our own political structures and laws. We along with our Future Generations an Ancestor’s are watching.

In the Spirit of Nationhood,

Your Leadership

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