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N’gah Auttissokae

“I call on the muses to be with me, inspire me and guide me”

By: Johnny Hawke ACTION

N’ gah Auttissokae was to only to be said in the winter moons for our Anishinabe Peoples. Winter is a time when we gathered around our lodge fires and passed on sacred stories and the history of our people. By saying N’gah Auttissokae one was participating in an action that involving calling upon the spirit of the stories the muses, the inspiration.

So allow me to share some things that are sacred and invoke the muses, the inspiration. Ahow N’gah Auttissokae. Like in the good old days recently I have been inside spending my time, learning the language with my dad, researching, developing proposals and blogging and sharing my points of view which a minimal few have taken too personally.

I have been working on the organizing part of our “Warrior Movement” work which involves a lot or writing, decolonizing, healing and getting inspired for when the snow melts.

“Baybeemahsahsii” The Spirit of Whirlwind

In one of our sacred stories we talk of the spirit of the whirlwind, “Baybemahsawsee” who teaches us the balance of life and not to take ourselves too seriously. In this time of reviving our Culture, Spirituality and Decolonizing it seems some of us take ourselves too seriously in which I like to poke fun at and help remind myself and others who may need it, through my talents of song, voice and writing. Sometimes truth hurts but it can heal as well if we remind ourselves about the balance of things and humble ourselves to laugh at our shortcomings and take it as a learning opportunity.

“True power is natural. A blizzard is true natural power, a tornado and a hurricane and an earthquake. These things of natural power that come from earth are powers that man cannot control. The federal government does not want us to recognize that as people we carry this natural power within us.” – Anna Mae Pictou Aquash, Mic Mac Women Warrior

As the snow falls from the sky along with many dead birds in this January month of this New Year of 2011 I watch things fall into place which comes back to our peoples Prophecies. Many people are wondering why many various species are turning up dead and many our beginning their paranoia of the end of times.

They should be scared and start preparing for this change that is about to occur. Like this season of snow it is like the people who are in charge of the world right now. The snow we think as pure and clean but if we think of the other side it brings a period of sacrifice, death to all things. Us Indigenous Peoples of the World have been in this season of death for many centuries, we have been sacrificed.

Now it is time for the Nation of People in charge and their lifestyle of capitalism to sacrifice, this is the change that is occurring. Our Seven Fire prophecies tell us of all the things that has happen up to now and as we enter the Eight and final fire of an everlasting fire we have the choice to where we want to go, a Fire of Destruction continuing on this current path or a time to reawakening and rebirth and picking up the things we left in the past to enter an eternal fire of peace and everlasting spiritual grace.

We are coming to a time when the Indigenous People of the Globe rise up and teach our younger brothers who have destroyed the Earth how to live once again. This is also in the teachings of the Mayan Calendar. The Birds and other species is just an acknowledgment of what is to come. The question is what road are you going to walk down? Are you willing to stand up and fight for the Earth or allow our younger brothers to take us down the path of destruction?

Are you going to continue to consume, live in your cities? And let the destruction continue? As I sit here learning moderation and endurance for what I need for what is coming and for what I need to be doing to get ready for the fight I am learning the spirit of the whirlwind, Balance.

So there are two sides to what is going on that the spirit of whirlwind “tornado” teaches us. These prophecies, dead birds, oil spills, earthquakes, environmental disasters, man made and natural along with the economic recession has two sides and we have the key to decide where we should go.

We can be fearful of what is to come or embrace in happiness to the end of Capitalism and our suffering from its effects. Can you live without your Technology, MacDonalds, Cars, Cities, Take Out and Money?

Are your ready to Fight for the Earth or are you ready to fall from the Sky?

Chi Miigwetch to the Muses and the Spirit of Whirlwind in helping me find my balance.

All My Relations, Johnny Hawk Kai Kai Kons

This Hawk, This Bird has not fallen from the Sky.

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