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Need Help Donations and Fundraising for Gathering

Without Indigenous Rights -there is no Beach Rights. Access to Water for All…

.Need Help in Gathering and Feast on Christian Island. For the Island Support on our Collective Fight to Educate and Exercise Rights. **Monday, August 23/21. Event** on Christian Island.

I am requesting help for:

-3 Jugs of Vegetable Oil

-2 Sacks of Flour-3 Baking Powder(s)

-100 lb. of Potato bag(need 2)

-5 Heads of Cabbage*

-5 bags of Carrots*

-5 stocks of Celery*

-5 bags of Onions* -Celery Seed* -5 Cases of Water* -Cutlery, Plates, Forks* -Tartar Sauce*

**If we can get supporters to confirm on what they can help with, I would very much appreciate all help

Please Drop off at Veronique Lacroix (705) 529 2325 ** Miigwech!

Or Etransfer to


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