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By Johnny Hawk


Trudeau meets with Shoal Lake 40 First Nation, April 28, 2016 as community has been without clean drinking water for 20 decades

With the recent attention mainstream media has given to the on-going genocide within our communities and as grassroots and INAC leadership call for an abolishment of the Indian Act we must question and look at some truth’s that can help us find solutions to our liberation.

A key solution lies within our perspective of our condition as the majority of our people may not see that genocide is still being waged on our Nations where just because guns, smallpox and residential schools are no longer being used, war is still being waged nonetheless through the sophistication of liberal economic and judicial warfare as relatives fall in love with Trudeau 2.0 as he visits our communities. The boiling frog dilemma. We must also acknowledge the RCMP and Army are always on standby and present when our peoples assert who we really are and protect what we have to.

We are not financed and subsidized by Canada we finance and subsidize the luxuries the political elite CEO’s of Canada and their International Banksters enjoy. Canadians are the new Indians


The 1867 British North America Act/Constitution Act is how Canada fraudulently became a Country and how illegally the so called “responsibility” or more accuratly the arrears and diplomacy with Indigenous Peoples was transferred from the British to the Canadian government

In 1864, an assembly of unelected “colonial representatives of the Crown” (appointees and careerists) con­vened in Que­bec and began to draft the Quebec Resolutions under the guidance of the Hon. John A. Macdonald. The original draft was created by an unelected assembly of colonial appointees without the knowledge of the general public.

“ The British North America Act is not an understanding between provinces it is an act of parliament which does not even embody all the resolutions passed in Canada and in London prior to its passage in the British parliament where certain clauses that had not been recommended by the by the Canadian provinces were added.” – Doctor Beauchesne Clerk of the House of Commons, Special Committee of the British North America Act 1935 Page 125 of Report

In 1867 the “Que­bec scheme of 1864″ was submitted to the Colonial Office in London for Royal assent, to be enacted by the British legislature. In between readings in the House of Lords and the House of Commons the wording of the preamble (the most important page of a constitution) was changed (a fraudulent slight of hand), with­out the knowledge of the delegation from Canada or anybody in both houses, into the oxy­moron it has remained to this day. At this point there existed no printed copy of the original. The list of experts who attested to this fact in 1935 is impressive, indeed:

Dr. O. D. Skel­ton, Under-Secretary of State for Exter­nal Affairs; Dr. Ollivier, K.C., Joint-Law Clerk, House of Com­mons; Dr. W. P. Kennedy, Pro­fes­sor of Law, Uni­ver­sity of Toronto; Dr. N. McL. Rogers, Pro­fes­sor of Polit­i­cal Sci­ence, Queens Uni­ver­sity; Dr. Arthur Beauch­esne, K.C., C.M.G., L.L.D., Clerk of the House of Commons.

Constitution Act 1982: This was “patriated” by Prime Minister Trudeau a term coined by his cabinet. Patriation was the political process that allegedly led to Canadian sovereignty, culminating in 1982. Until that date, Canada was governed by a constitution composed of British laws that could be changed only by acts of the British parliament, albeit only with the consent of the Canadian government. The fact though this was not ratified by the Canadian People; and by the inclusion of the “notwithstanding” clause, totally negates it as a constitution. Canada is not a Country but a corporation owned by the global elite who are funneled profits from our resources by this corporation and illegal banking system that is also owned by international bankers.

This exemplifies that the Act, Laws, Treaties and Surrenders made with our people under the de facto government that is Canada are null and void including their own laws and country. The Royal Proclamation is still in effect where we still have title and jurisdiction to our collective unsurrendered Territory.


Court Cases and Land Claim Settlements: Supreme Court of Canada decisions try to remedy injustices however they do not acknowledge the rule of law that Canada continues to breach. The supreme courts of both Canada and the USA ignore the rule of law and the corresponding sovereignty of the people by means of adopting “the rule of judicial discretion” as an alternative to legislated constitutional amendment ultimately making judicial decisions political and again illegal.

Correspondingly the constitutional law of Indigenous territorial sovereignty is ignored by the North American judiciary, as recently illustrated by the decision of the Supreme Court of Canada in the case of Tsilhqot’in Nation v. British Columbia, The Court held that section 35 of the Constitution Act, 1982, and its own recent decisions discussing that section, has vested in the non-native courts the jurisdiction to expropriate indigenous sovereignty in the public interest, as an alternative to a constitutional amendment.

Land Claim Settlements or more appropriately Land Surrenders are another attempt to remedy historic injustice with the very same colonial fraudulent injustice. Land Claim Settlements use bias Canadian processes that do not address issues of Title and Jurisdiction but only compensate for loss of land and any land sought out must be used by the monies awarded for such losses with private land owners on a willing buyer and seller basis. These processes are what our current leadership under the Bands choose to abide by.

Neo Colonial Agreements: First Nations Lands Management Act, INAC Band Constitutions, Land Claims and Economic Resource Extraction Agreements are currently being established illegally and again fraudulently by factions of our own people who are agents of the crown that are Indian Act Bands in what they believe to restore Self Determination. These are yet again mere sophisticated schemes to rid our people of more rights where the final solution of the Indian problem will be accomplished, the Self Determination of our own Termination.


Starting in 1974 the same Liberal government which nationalized the Bank of Canada (in 1938), slowly stopped using it. Now Canada’s national bank is responsible for only 2% of the money in circulation Today. Since 1974 Canada has borrowed from the same banks as the people, and a debt of just $18 billion in 1974 (accumulated, since confederation) has ballooned a debt of over $500 billion; 95% of which is compound interest

In 1974 Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau through policy handed over the reins of the Bank of Canada to the International Monetary Fund owned by the Rothschild International Bankers where Canada has been accumulating this unimaginable debt since. In 1991 the Bank Act was amended to secure this scheme.

$60 Billion annually or $160 Million each day Canada pays to debt from Private International Bankers who print Canada’s money and give out loans to the Government at an outrageous needless rate of compound interest. This system is outright fraud, counterfeit and theft. It is robbery of the so called Canadian tax payer, the Crown’s subject and to our peoples where profits from our natural resources are being funneled to these Bankster’s. The Bank Act of Canada says Banks can lend out as much money as they want that they really don’t have or can back up.

Canada makes $26 billion a year from our stolen Natural Resources for their defacto Governments. $7.7 Billion a year is allocated to Aboriginal Peoples where roughly $5 Billion is for 630 First Nations to split which is an estimated $7 million annually each to run our communities. Out of the $7 Million to operate our communities for the year a majority goes to bureaucrats, lawyers, consultants, administrators. The multiple emergencies and conditions exposed in the national media exemplifies that our People are living in imposed third world conditions where we are heavily restricted to access the waters, wildlife, medicines, vegetation, earth that can increase our standard of living that is inherently our right.

These monies also that are allocated to our so called Bands do not even address the historical injustices where outrageous amounts of funds are needed to take our issues to unfair and illegal settler court processes or land claim settlement processes where the same abuses we are trying to remedy are again waged upon us.


Power Corp one of Canada’s largest Corporations deals in Finance, Media, and Energy Resources. Some of its employees who served as executives and board of directors are three of Canada’s longest running Prime Ministers, Pierre Trudeau, Brian Mulroney and Jean Chretien in which the owner of Power Corp is married to Jean Chretien’s daughter. Other employees include former Premiers of Ontario and Quebec.

There is also the Business Council of Canada who are some of Canada’s top CEO’s from Aecon, Barrick Gold, Bruce Power, CN, CIBC, Enbridge, Imperial Oil, Power Corp, Suncor and not to mention the media and banks. This Council on its website mission is to “bring private sector leaders together to shape public policy in the interests of a stronger Canada and a better world.”


WAKE UP! how can we trust the Banks, Politicians, Media, Corporations and Government when they obviously plot not only against our best interests but the so called Canadian people. There is No need to abolish the Indian Act as it illegal legal fiction. We have title and jurisdiction to our collective unsurrendered Territories. Treaties are colonial tools such as the neo colonial self termination agreements.

When there is tragedy in our communities we pull together we’ve all seen it, the Clan System and Nation organically reemerges once the power goes out. We do not need to heal or decolonize first to operate these traditional forms of understandings for it unravels as we travel, we just need to realize war is being waged globally on all peoples. We need to use our own Currency again if we call ourselves a Nation. Odawa Nation in our Confederacy this was their role as the Brother of Trade. We need to know our roles and invoke them.

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